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[PODCAST] You’re Deploying AI Wrong and How to Fix It Pt. 2 w/ Rowan Trollope and Jonathan Rosenberg

That's Genius! Podcast

A contact center agent that has these two superpowers: They know all the answers AND don’t have to do any typing.

CUSTOMER: I want to do X, Y, and Z.

REP: Perfect, I can help you do that correctly the first time without any interruptions.

All because an AI is actively listening in and gets the agent seamlessly into a workflow.


Contact center transformed forever with the ultimate AI agent assistant, a.k.a. superpowers.

Two groups absolutely can’t wait for this to be implemented.

  1. Customers

Most people call a company when we want to fix a frustrating problem. As a last resort. We’re not just calling for a pleasant chat. We have expectations. An AI assistant to help the agent--not the customer--makes our lives so much easier.

  1. Companies

Companies want the user experience to be better, obviously (meaning more expert agents). And they also want to save money (meaning fewer agents working more efficiently). An AI that solves both of those problems at once?

That’s speech recognition. That’s natural language processing. That’s deep learning.

So, how soon will agents have AI superpowers??

Listen here to our ongoing interview with Jonathan Rosenberg and Rowan Trollope to find out.