Passing the Stress Test w/ Vikas Bhambri

[PODCAST] Passing the Stress Test w/ Vikas Bhambri

Are you in big trouble? 2020 is proving to be the biggest stress test on contact centers in 20-plus years.

By now you need to have figured out how to manage remote agents and handle unexpected surges in calls from panicked customers.

In this brave new world of customer experience in a pandemic, what do thriving companies look like?

1. They suggest the right things to customers.

It's about giving the customer the autonomy and support they need to resolve whatever inquiry they have. Artificial intelligence and automation seem poised to help with that.

2. They start engaging with technologies.

To make AI and automation more than buzzwords, you have to figure out when and where to use your technology. There's no point in layering technology if the customers don't want it. Maybe you need something as simple as a knowledge base article. 

3. Stay human-centered.

We all know the pain of telling an automated phone system, "HUMAN BEING" after it's asked us for the 15th time what we want. The best companies will prioritize human-to-human contact.

On a recent episode of That’s Genius! we talked with Vikas Bhambri, SVP, Sales & CX at Kustomer. We discussed why some contact centers are thriving and others aren't.

You can listen to my conversation with Vikas here.

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