AI + Cloud Migration w/ Thomas John

[PODCAST] AI + Cloud Migration w/ Thomas John

What do you see when you think about AI at work? Do you imagine rows of iRobots taking customer calls? Do you see deep cuts in the human workforce?

Many people do, but that's just not how it works. Not with our tools. Since AI isn't about robots coming for jobs, will it actually help contact centers? If so, how?

During COVID, we've seen an uptick in agent minutes on our platform. There's only so much the agents can do. Adding AI-based tools helps automate, inform, and even provide simple answers to customer inquiries. 

In fact, 90% of the calls agents get cover simple things:

  • Are you actually open? 

  • Where is my package? 

The AI tools we're starting to deploy can easily answer those questions, leaving human agents with the time they need to help customers solve thornier issues.

AI allows us to do that.

At Five9, we integrate AI functionality with third party vendors, and we allow the agent to be augmented in their first experience. Essentially, we're allowing the agent to handle a call with as much data as possible in the first instance.

On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, we talked with Thomas John, Vice President of EMEA Channels at Five9, about how AI is accelerating the movement to the cloud.

You can listen to my conversation with Thomas, here.

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