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Forecast Demand and Accurately Schedule your Contact Center Resources

You've been tasked with achieving optimal agent coverage for your contact center with the fewest possible resources while also achieving key performance indicators (KPIs). Workforce Management (WFM) tools from Five9 help you strike the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and call center efficiency.

Five9 provides market leading WFM solutions with the help of our experienced WFM partners; Verint, Calabrio, and Virtual Observer. You get state-of-the-art tools to tune your contact center operations for the best results: the right number of agents with the right skills, steady occupancy, minimized overtime, accurate contact forecasts, low abandonment rates, and ease of change management.

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Identify trends and accurately predict future contact volumes and agent staffing requirements

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Optimize costs by creating agent schedules based on forecasted headcount and contact volume

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Help your agents keep to their schedules with real-time adherence

Five9 offers automation and efficiency, which keeps our costs low and helps us translate those benefits to our clients.
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Datasheet: Workforce Management (WFM)

Learn how you can lower costs and improve efficiency with staff scheduling in the Five9 Cloud. Get an overview of the workforce management features available from Five9.

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Workforce Management Features


Identify Contact Volume Trends


Predict Future Contact Volumes


Create Agent Schedules


Monitor Schedule Adherence


Automatically Adjust Schedules

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Industry Leadership

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