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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premises systems with our contact and call center resources. Find out how Five9 can bring joy to your CX with the AI, workforce management, and other industry resources below.

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AI in Healthcare E-Book

AI in Healthcare: How AI Drives Value For Five9 Healthcare Customers

A practical guide to measurably improve the patient experience, workflow efficiency, and overall success through self-service powered by AI.
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Your 5-Step Guide to Cloud Contact Center Migrations

The consideration factors have changed for customer service leaders contemplating cloud migrations. Many of the latest innovations that improve productivity and lower costs are now only available in the cloud. Learn to navigate cloud-based migration.
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customer success without shadow

Customer Success Book 2023

The customer stories and quotes in this e-book highlight the challenges our customers have faced and share how Five9 helped them achieve their business objectives — creating valuable partnerships and delivering extraordinary experiences to their customers along the way.
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Find Your Cloud Contact Center for Higher Education

Today’s students, prospects, and parents expect fast, effortless communication with their higher education institution. Read this e-book to see how Five9 can help you with important considerations when moving your contact center to the cloud.
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12 Things Your Customer Experience Platform Should Do For You

When utilizing a customer experience platform, there are multiple benefits and tools you should receive. In this eBook, you will learn the 12 things your platform should do for you and how a comprehensive customer experience platform can help your business.
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A Contact Center's Guide to Customer Journey Mapping and Improving the Customer Experience

Are you ready to deliver a more meaningful, personal customer experience? Through customer journey mapping, you can provide customers with a better overall experience by pinpointing opportunities for growth and understanding the buyer’s emotions and goals.
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Five9 Agent Assist: Empower Your Agents with AI

Empower your agents and transform your customer experience. Agent Assist equips your team with AI-powered intelligence, boosting efficiency and satisfaction. This comprehensive guide explores capabilities, real-world examples, benefits, and use cases to supercharge your CX.
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The Ultimate Guide to Contact Center Reporting

With all the advancements in contact center data tracking technology, companies struggle to connect that data and turn it into actionable KPIs. This eBook offers what you should know to increase CX and ROI.
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The Contact Center’s Handbook for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

E-book that offers seven key takeaways that will help employers hire the right people and deliver an optimal employee experience from the start.
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Shep Hyken Report: The State of Customer Service and CX

Read the 2023 Achieving Customer Amazement study, sponsored by Five9, and find out what more than 1,000 American consumers think in relation to customer service and CX.
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Five9 Buyer's Guide

Five9 Buyer’s Guide

This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with essential considerations for selecting a CX and/or CCaaS partner. From evaluating key features to mastering SLA negotiations, this is the guide for your CX journey.
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Five9 Aberdeen eBook

Intelligent CX: Boost Contact Center Results

In the contact center, using the right data at the right time has become imperative. The key to intelligent CX is collaboration between people and technology. See how to realize top-notch results through research-backed insights.
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Sample Chapter: Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future

Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future uses a metaphor of building your dream home as an approach to selecting a cloud contact center. To start your journey, check out a sample chapter.

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how to find automation opportunities in your contact center

Reimagine Customer Experience with Workflow Automation

Distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to consumers is a critical step to overcoming the pandemic. They want to know when, where, and how to get their shots. Consumers have a lot of questions and expect the organizations administering vaccines to provide timely information and services across many different support channels. Effectively communicating with them is a major challenge, but doing it right is important for ending the pandemic, safeguarding consumers, and building loyalty.
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Solving Communication Complexity with Five9 and Zoom

Boost productivity and efficiency by empowering agents with the resources they need to succeed. With Five9 and Zoom, leverage an ecosystem combining your contact center and unified communications.
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Collaborative Intelligence E-book

As customer and employee expectations evolve, contact centers must adapt by providing intelligent customer service technology. Read this e-book to learn how collaborative intelligence develops an AI-powered workforce for today’s customers.
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Obsessing Over Great Customer Experiences

An adequate customer service experience is not enough to stand out. Learn three steps for creating personalized experiences that attract and retain customers.
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increase business agility

Increase Business Agility with Cloud CRM Integrations

Improve agent efficiency and increase ROI utilizing a single, intuitive user interface to provide greater customer satisfaction in real-time with an optimized integration between Five9 and leading CRM platforms.
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Meeting Employee Expectations

No matter what size organization or industry, contact centers face massive shifts in employee expectations. By providing employees with flexibility, seamless cloud technology, and opportunities for advancement, contact centers can exceed rising employee expectations.
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reimagine retail how the contact center supports new customer touchpoints

Five9 Retail eGuide 2022

Explore nine innovative customer touchpoints to enhance customer-centric moments. From platforms that encompass a wide approach, such as social media platforms to those that empower 1:1 engagement, learn about opportunities to enhance your strategy.
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 Future is Calling

The Future is Calling: Why it’s Time to Upgrade Your IVR to an IVA

Who’s answering your calls? Do your callers reach a self-service system powered by interactive voice response (IVR)? If so, you probably know there’s much more powerful technology out there that can provide a better customer experience.
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The Five9 Guide to Making Customer Service a More Human Experience eBook Screenshot

The Five9 Guide to Making Customer Service a More Human Experience

In this eBook, we explore what customers really want from your business, how the right cloud contact center technology enables you to provide more human experiences across every aspect of their journey, and how these experiences can help you build their loyalty.
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Nextiva UCaaS eBook Screenshot

Nextiva UCaaS

Even with the best communication technologies in your arsenal, customers can have fragmented, poor experiences. When employees in customer-facing departments can’t collaborate in real time, organizations face an uphill challenge to deliver seamless customer interactions. Despite the surge in unified communications, many firms haven’t integrated it with their contact centers.
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Natural lang

Natural Language IVAs

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) that leverage natural language technology can effectively handle routine contact center tasks while delivering more conversational self-service to customers. The entire experience requires less effort, which research has shown can have a major impact on customer loyalty. This eBook describes the many other benefits of natural language IVAs and provides a framework for realizing those results in your own contact center.
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Intersection of UCaaS and CCaaS for CX eBook Screenshot

The Intersection of UCaaS and CCaaS for CX

Having a unified contact center is critical to a company’s success and the ability to provide customers with the exceptional service and support experiences they expect.
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Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Solution Guide

Consumers have become accustomed to getting help from their personal virtual assistants, and they now increasingly prefer self-service options when contacting businesses.
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The Five9 Guide to Contact Center Outsourcers

The Five9 Guide for Contact Center Outsourcers

Today’s customers demand exceptional service and support every time they contact your business.
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Customer Success Book 2024

Customer Success Book 2024

This e-book features real stories and quotes from our customers, highlighting the challenges they have overcome and how Five9 has helped them achieve their business objectives.
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how to deliver exceptional digital first omnichannel experiences in the cloud

Digital Engagement

Today's customers expect your brand to have the technology to deliver seamless, connected experiences across channels (phone, email, webchat, SMS, social media, and video) that save them time and provide accurate, timely resolutions to sales or service inquiries. This eBook explains how to deliver the digital-first omnichannel experiences customers want so you can meet their expectations, win their business, and sustain their loyalty.
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Five9 CX Maturity Model

The contact center is your company’s new front door, and providing a consistently exceptional customer experience is essential. But set against a fast-moving technology backdrop, where does your business stand when it comes to CX maturity? How ready is your organization to capitalize on powerful new solutions that make it possible to completely reimagine CX and realize real results?
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conversational AI for retail service automation

Conversational AI for Retail Service Automation

Digital marketplaces are recreating retail and driving new consumer expectations that demand relentless innovation.
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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 03 eBook Screenshot

Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook: Scheduling

Contact center managers are tasked with the challenge of balancing staffing levels while maintaining profitability. You want to ensure your contact center is staffed accordingly to deliver a great customer experience. In order to do so, you must look at ways to improve the workload of your agents and optimize their schedules.
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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 02 eBook Screenshot

Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook: Training

Delivering a great customer experience starts with your agents but, more importantly, how they are trained. Agents must be empowered to succeed and that all starts within your business. When a new agent is hired, it’s important that they are properly onboarded, trained, and coached for continuous development.
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Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook 01 eBook Screenshot

Contact Center Outsourcers Playbook: Hiring

Customers today are more demanding than ever and expect nothing less than exceptional customer service when interacting with your business. Agents are on the frontline to deliver brand value and the customer experience starts with them. In addition to having essential tech and people skills, they must also understand how to react and solve complex situations when they face them.
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the top 5 roadblocks to contact center excellence

Top 5 Roadblocks to Contact Center Excellence

Many contact centers encounter roadblocks on the road to pursuing operational excellence. Factors like data consolidation, information access, operational visibility, management, and employee engagement often present serious challenges. Five9 Performance Dashboard helps your operation break through theses roadblocks to deliver excellent customer experiences.
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