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Not so long ago, in the not so far away City of London, I had the pleasure of helping record a fireside chat vlog between Five9 Vice President for Channels in EMEA Thomas John and UC expert Colin Riddle, Head of Product Management at Telefónica Tech UK&I from our Five9 Partner community.

Prior to the recording session, as we discussed subjects and angles, the inner ‘tabloid writer’ in me conjured up a ‘Game of Phones’ concept as we talked about the increased adoption of gamification in the hybrid workplace. You’ll hear Thomas John reference ‘Game of Phones’ in the vlog. But references to the original Song of Ice and Fire seemed a bit too NSFW for the corporate blog, and my fictional Thomas John-Snow character ended up on the cutting room floor.

So back to reality, and back to the superb blog/vlog combo. Here are my top 5 takeaways:

  1. Companies who have embraced Unified Communications and Contact Centres in the cloud have a head start CX-wise in the ‘new normal’ and are more capable of adapting to the demands of the hybrid workplace.
  2. If ever there was a time to embrace gamification for customer contact centre agents, that time is NOW. Invaluable customer service and the priceless mental health of employees is at stake!
  3. The modern technology that powers today’s contact centres integrates seamlessly with most existing technology stacks and CRM platforms – making advances in workplace automation and process efficiency a distinct reality.
  4. Customer expectations have never been higher, and their ability to communicate to the masses has increased exponentially. This has increased the risks of bad customer service to your reputation as a business.
  5. The Avatars that can be created in the gamification module are heaps and heaps of fun! Apparently the only  English background is Stonehenge (let us completely avoid any talk of ‘Game of Stones’ this time around!)

Obviously, there are some fantastic (and very amusing) anecdotes and examples to illustrate my key learnings in the actual video – so why not take a few minutes out of your day to head over and check it out?

[Telefónica Tech UK&I was previously known as CANCOM UK&I. Telefónica Tech acquired CANCOM UK&I in July 2021].

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