[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] 3 Reasons Why a Modern Omnichannel Strategy is Crucial for Today’s New Customer Service Landscape

[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] 3 Reasons Why a Modern Omnichannel Strategy is Crucial for Today’s New Customer Service Landscape

In a recent Five9 webinar, a poll revealed that 66% of respondents claimed they had limited to no connection between digitals channels, while only 36% of respondents claimed that all or most of their digital channels were connected.

With the pandemic accelerating the demand for digital-first omnichannel experiences, modernizing your contact center strategy has never been more crucial. According to a recent CCW market study, companies that turned to digital engagement during the pandemic plan to maintain and even increase that emphasis moving forward. The study also found that only 8% of companies will revert to their original channel mix once the pandemic is over.

Not only does modernizing your contact center keep your remote agents safe and productive, it also addresses the new changes in consumer behavior that was brought on as a result of the pandemic.

In a customer webinar, Fabian Russell, Assistant VP of Call Center Operations at RoundPoint Mortgage, shared how they were able to seamlessly modify their omnichannel strategy to address these new changes in consumer behavior, despite a 63% increase in bound call volume in early 2020.

When the pandemic hit, RoundPoint created a COVID-19 support page with an integrated visual IVR, which allowed customers to instantly select their digital preference (chat, email or a call back) to resolve their homeownerships concerns. As a result of the visual IVR, RoundPoint was able to set up between 48,000-55,000 forbearance plans and empower their remote agents with the time they need to empathize with anxious customers over the phone. Additionally, Fabian shared how the cloud enabled their agent workforce to seamlessly shift to a work-from-home environment in a week and a half.

As we continue to navigate uncertainty in this new era of customer service, here are 3 reasons that summarize why modernizing your omnichannel solution has never been more important:

  1. Allows your organization to stay ahead of consumer expectations: Customers expect options when they contact your company and increasingly look to digital channels. Connected digital channels creates seamless experiences across the customer journey, improving personalization and enabling agents to engage customers in multiple channels during a single interaction.

  2. Enables contact centers to navigate peaks in call volume: During peak levels of inbound call volume, providing a queue call back in your omnichannel solution gives your customers the option to avoid long wait times, improving customer satisfaction and reducing long wait times for more urgent matters that need immediate attention. Providing options and information upfront to your customer can greatly improve trust and loyalty for your long-term customer relationships. Afterall, 62% of consumers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience.

  3. Empowers agents to focus on high value customer requests:  For non-urgent matters, consumers are likely to contact your contact center via channel preference that is most convenient to their needs - email, chat or social media. According to the Five9 Customer Service Index, email and chat are the most preferred channels after voice. By providing multiple channels, you reduce call volume, which frees agents to focus on urgent customer requests.

To learn more about modernizing your omnichannel solution and staying ahead of new changes in consumer behavior, watch our on-demand customer spotlight webinar to hear how RoundPoint navigated COVID-19 with Five9.

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