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3 Ways Five9 Interaction Analytics Provides Insights Across your Voice and Digital Channels

Every interaction an agent has with a customer can provide valuable insights into your customer experience. Today, customers have many ways they can get in contact with you. From phone to email, chat, and social media, there’s no shortage of channels where customer interactions happen. According to the Five9 Customer Service Index 2021, “regardless of age, just over half (51%) of respondents prefer to interact with a company over the phone when contacting a business for general customer service issues.” Given that voice, email, and chat are common ways to get in touch, it’s important to not only provide customers with omnichannel call center options, but also to ensure you have data from both voice and digital channel interactions. In this blog, we’ll cover three ways Five9 Interaction Analytics captures and provides insights across your voice and digital channels.  

1. Powerful query capabilities surface unknown trends  

Powerful query capabilities help you isolate interactions fast. Easily search interactions across digital and voice channels by agent, skill, and analytic results (like topic, word, or phrase, etc.). Five9 shows frequent topics or phrases in customer interactions in a visual word cloud. Let’s say you noticed that in the last few days your center call volume is much higher than forecasted, which is creating service level issues for your customers.  Looking at your word cloud in Five9 Interaction Analytics, you quickly identify a website problem that is not allowing customers to self-serve their inquiries. You can now contact IT and have them look at the website to resolve the issue, and your contact center volume begins to follow the forecasted model. These powerful search capabilities help you to understand and act on potential issues faster.  

2. Automated evaluations improve quality management results  

Manual evaluations take time and are necessary in some cases, but the reality is there are only so many you can complete with your allotted time and resources. Five9 Interaction Analytics greatly expands the scope of the QM program by automatically scoring 100% of captured customer interactions across both voice and digital channels. This significant increase in sample size means performance issues are less likely to go unnoticed and agents will be evaluated more objectively. Quality managers can customize which interactions they’d like automatically reviewed and which ones should be evaluated manually. Automated evaluations enable your QM program to deliver better results and more strategic value to the business.   

3. Statistical comparison uncover root causes   

To effectively address performance issues it’s critical that you understand what the underlying causes are. The Five9 Interaction Analytics statistical comparison feature helps pinpoint root causes by comparing outcomes between different agent groups to reveal why some agents are more successful than others. For example, those that closed an upsell opportunity and those that didn’t. Comparing different groups reveals the actions agents took, or didn’t, to achieve a certain outcome. This aspect of Five9 Interaction Analytics provides powerful insights, which allow you to address issues proactively before they get out of hand. The statistical comparison feature also pinpoints areas of opportunity, such as a specific talk track used by a successful agent, which you can use to drive higher agent performance.  

Five9 Interaction Analytics empowers you to pull the most insights from every captured customer interaction. No matter what channel a customer chooses, voice or digital, Five9 Interaction Analytics helps you better understand your customers and call center operations.  

Want to learn more about how Five9 Interaction Analytics can deliver crucial insights into your customer interactions? Check out our datasheet to learn more. 

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