[WEBINAR] 3 Ways to Engage Your Work-From-Home Agent Workforce: Stay Connected with Your Customers

[WEBINAR] 3 Ways to Engage Your Work-From-Home Agent Workforce: Stay Connected with Your Customers

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt industries worldwide and create high pressure for customer service agents, keeping your work-from-home agents engaged and connected with your customers has never been more critical.

According to a McKinsey report, 75% of online consumers expect help within five minutes. During a crisis, whether it’s a health pandemic or natural disaster, this percentage is expected to rise significantly due to high increases in customer anxieties. And how you react to a crisis can impact the image of your business’s brand in the decade ahead.

In order to ensure seamless customer interactions during a crisis and to future-proof your business continuity plan, below are 3 ways to engage and empower a work-from-home agent workforce.

1. Embrace workplace flexibility with cloud-based solutions: working from home is no longer a work perk, but a necessity to ensure business continuity. With a cloud-based contact center solution, agents have the flexibility to work from home as they face the challenges of long commutes or emergency situations that may be out of their control. This creates flexibility for your agents to continue servicing customers without distribution.

2. Maximize Agent performance with performance dashboard: having full visibility into the agent and customer experience through the customer journey is key to optimizing your agent’s productivity and engagement while working from home. With the Five9 performance dashboard agents get real-time feedback on their performance throughout the day and supervisors receive contact center metrics on how the staff is performing, whether they are working from home or a coffee shop.

3. Incentivize productivity with gamification: in order to increase workplace engagement, gamification can transform a boring or challenging day into a fun and rewarding day. With gamification, contact center managers can reward agent behavior and give agents visibility into their daily performance metrics and easily engage in games and challenges tied to performance goals.

For more tips to create an engaged work-from-home workforce during a crisis, join our EVP of Product Management, Anand Chandrasekaran, on Friday April 17th in a live executive webinar to learn how Five9’s cloud technology has empowered organizations to respond to customers in meaningful ways during the COVID-19 health pandemic and how to deliver more human customer service experiences from home.

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