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4 Ways to Make Every Agent a Super-Agent with Five9 CRM Integrations

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

The stakes have never been higher for contact centers. It’s not enough to have agents in seats at any time of day. Now, customers also expect every agent to be an expert on your product and services. With high agent turnover and slower ramp times, this can be a challenging expectation to meet. However, having knowledgeable agents is essential to providing a positive customer experience. In fact, in our Five9 Customer Service Index from 2021, 33% of customers stated they are willing to wait longer if it means the agent gets the answers right. Our 2020 survey found that 73% of customers expect agents to resolve their customer service issues in 15 minutes or less. 3% of customers expect agents to resolve their customer service issues in 15 minutes or less.   

So how can you help your agents become “super-agents”? There are lots of ways we can assist your agents so they can be their best. From implementing helpful applications to good old-fashioned coaching. However, a great place to start is connecting your agents with the treasure trove of customer information in your CRM.   

Five9 partners with leading CRM providers like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle, and Zendesk to provide agents with everything they need to be more efficient and resourceful. Here are four ways Five9 CRM integrations can help your agents feel empowered and supported while promoting a positive experience:  

  1. A single, intuitive interface means Agents spend less time app-switching and more time focusing on your customers. 

 Agents feel a lot of pressure to answer customer questions quickly. They also want to ensure they’re providing a personalized service experience. This can be tough to balance. Five9 CRM integrations provide important customer information all within the native CRM environment.   

Let’s say an insurance customer calls in wanting to add another vehicle to their plan. The insurance agent on the other end of the call will receive a screen pop with the customer’s contact record in the CRM and any information they might have provided from an IVR/IVA. Because the agent has a full understanding of this customer’s history and what they are looking to accomplish, the agent can pick up the conversation where the customer left off with the automated self-service channel.  

The agent is equipped to not only resolve the issue at hand, but also offer advice on how to get the most out of the customer’s insurance policy. Five9 CRM integrations make your agents more efficient by allowing them to spend more time on providing personalized service and less time switching between apps to get customer information.   

  1. With intelligent skills-based routing, the right agents get the right information quickly to understand customer intent and provide answers in real time. 

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being transferred over and over to different customer service agents. With each transfer, a customer’s question goes unresolved, which could mean added frustration for the next agent the call is transferred to. No one wins in this situation. Five9 provides robust inbound call center features, including skills-based routing. Skills-based routing ensures customers get in touch with the appropriate agents to resolve their questions.   

For example, skills-based routing can direct a customer to a Spanish-speaking agent to help answer a question in the customer’s native language. Skills-based routing paired with the customer’s contact record from the CRM, forwards the call to the right agent, every time. Agents become more effective when they have the context of past interactions to understand the customer’s intent. They can begin helping the customer from the first moment of contact.  

  1. Powerful outbound calling capabilities help agents maximize their time speaking to customers.

 Five9 CRM integrations provide access to information to deliver great customer experiences for inbound contact centers. These integrations also support powerful outbound call center dialing capabilities such as predictive, power, progressive, preview, and TCPA manual touch dialing. By providing comprehensive information from the CRM like customer profiles and previous transactions, agents can quickly validate customer details – allowing them to turn their focus on the matter at hand.   

For example, if inbound call traffic is low, Five9 can automatically send outbound phone calls to agents. The agent can see the full customer history within the CRM before connecting with the customer. When the outbound call is answered, the agent is able to provide a personalized experience by referencing the customer’s previous interactions with the company.   

  1. CRM AI and Five9 Engagement Workflow enable agents to become customer and product experts.  

CRM AI is often found in the form of chatbots. Bots are more than just helpful tools for customers to get a self-service approach to their issues. CRM bots are great tools to help agents understand customer intent and gather customer information.   

For example, a retail customer starts using the bot functionality on the company’s website, powered by the CRM system, to handle a return. After a few messages between the customer and the bot, the bot intelligently determines that this return requires a voice call or chat with a live agent. As the bot is “transferring” the interaction to an agent, Five9 Engagement Workflow gets the customer’s contact record from the CRM, along with the information gathered by the bot, and sends to the agent.   

With all the information at their fingertips, agents can pick up the conversation where it left off with the bot and resolve the customer’s issue more efficiently.   

Want to learn more about Five9 CRM integrations? Check out the Five9 CRM Integrations page to discover more ways to make every agent on your team a super-agent. 

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

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