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Five Key Moments from the Five9 CX Summit—and How to Relive Them On Demand

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Genefa Murphy Chief Marketing Officer

Last week, we at Five9 held our annual CX Summit customer event, where we welcomed thousands of customers and partners. Together, we gathered online for two days of sessions on every topic you can think of that impacts the contact center, from moving to the cloud to empowering agents working remotely.  

Events aren’t what they used to be! Who would ever have thought that we would miss walking more-than-your-needed-10,000-steps-a-day as you made your way across the conference center between sessions? Or sitting in an air-conditioned ballroom watching a live keynote extravaganza while you tried to stay warm?  

But hosting a virtual event has some upsides, the biggest one is the fact that just because the dates for Five9 CX Summit have passed, it doesn’t mean the event is over. In fact, it lives on. For those of you who couldn’t attend but still want to be in the know about the world of contact centers and customer experience, here are the five key moments from CX Summit 2021.  

    1. The Keynote Track 
      Our keynotes were jam-packed with content. Not only did Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope kick it off  with a powerful discussion that talked to the three characteristics of high-performing customers (the power of voice, being nimble and enabling a boundaryless org), but EVP of Product Callan Schebella followed up with an epic product keynote that included a “day in the life” of Five9 solutions, supported by showcases from Microsoft and Salesforce.  

  1. Introducing Your Digital Workforce
    CX Summit is also where we  launched the Five9 Digital Workforce campaign. What is it? Well, the Five9 Digital Workforce isn’t just one thing. It’s a set of solutions from Five9 that will help you accelerate your digital and business transformation using the power of AI and automation. Whether it’s keeping up with service demand, managing escalating service costs, or helping to better engage and empower agents and supervisors, the Five9 Digital Workforce is here to help. Find out more and meet your extended digital workforce. 

  1. From Analytics to Action
    e of the most well-attended sessions was “From Analytics to Action” with Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy. What made this one of the most popular sessions? It dealt with one of the most relevant topics in the contact center: What to track and how to measure performance. Robin shared a ton of facts and stats. My favorites included when she spoke about the role of Workforce Optimization and Intelligent Virtual Agents. She shared that, when added, IVAs helped:  

    • Increase relevant revenue by 57% 
    • Decrease operational costs by 12% 
    • Boost customer ratings by 40% 
    • Increase agent efficiency by 30% 

      Hear more from Robin--you can watch the session on demand. 
  1. Customer Service Index 2021 
    Speaking of analytics, CX Summit was also a showcase for the results of the Five9 Customer Service Index 2021. Now in its fifth year, the Five9 Customer Service Index provides data and insights to help businesses better understand what’s happening in the world of customer experience (CX) so that they can better meet their customers’ changing needs and expectations. Five9 partnered with Zogby Analytics to survey consumers about the state of customer service and explore how attitudes and behaviors have evolved over the past year. The 2021 survey was expanded to include several European countries—France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.—to help identify regional variances and trends. In many cases, the survey results highlight key differences based on geography and age. Scott Kolman, Five9 VP Marketing, and Blair Pleasant, President and Principal Analyst of COMMfusion LLC, held an excellent session where they walked through the results and shared year over year comparisons. My favorite stat was the one we highlighted in our press release that found that 30% of customers ditched brands they had previously been loyal to last year. Now that’s a wake-up call for many to shine the spotlight back on CX.   

  1. Reimagine CX Award Winners 
    Finally, I want to highlight the Inaugural Five9 Reimagine CX Awards. The whole theme of CX Summit 2021 was “Where Reimagined Meets Realized.” Nowhere was this more apparent than in our award recipients. The Reimagine CX Awards are all about recognizing Five9 customers who have embraced thinking differently, who took a chance that paid off. Winners were selected by a panel of judges including Five9 executives and independent industry judges Evan Kirstel and Robin Gareiss. Winners were selected not only for their amazing stories of success, but each had to show tangible ROI that came from leveraging Five9 solutions. Watch our online awards presentation and see how Lake County Health Department, McKesson, TruConnect, Bakkt, Televerde, NexRep, and Covid Clinic all embody the power of reimagination and realized results.  

Now, these were just five  moments that stood out for me at CX Summit 2021. I could have made this a top 10. But for me, these moments capture the essence of the event, starting with our bold statement in Rowan’s keynote about not underestimating the power of voice, and continuing with new ideas about making AI and automation practical with the Digital Workforce, an insight-packed session on the importance of actionable analytics, and culminating with proof points of real customer results.  

If you couldn’t catch the sessions live, you can still register and watch on demand at Five9 CX Summit 2021. I mean, isn’t that the point of virtual events? You can be anywhere, anytime, and still not miss out on great content — all while avoiding the sore feet.  

One final word: A recap wouldn’t be complete without a congratulations and thank you to all of team Five9, our customers, and our partners who helped make CX Summit 2021 a success. THANK YOU for helping us turn imagination into reality! 


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Genefa Murphy Chief Marketing Officer

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