5 Omnichannel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

5 Omnichannel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

You just found discounted flights to your exciting summer destination. It may be taking a snooze on the white sand beaches of Hawaii or discovering ancient ruins in Greece. Regardless of the destination, you quickly book your flight in order to claim your discount.  

A few days before the trip, you notice your last name is spelled incorrectly. Easy fix, right? 

Wrong. You anxiously call the travel agency to fix the error, however, due to high call volume, you’re in a queue with other customers as you wait for over 30 minutes before finally speaking to an agent to have your name fixed.

If this travel agency had other communication channels available other than the phone, it could have been easy to handle a simple request like this over SMS, email or chat. Companies that have successfully implemented an omnichannel solution can leverage digital communication channels to reduce call volume and give customers a better experience.

According to the Five9 Customer Service Index 2019, 59% of US consumers in 2019 were unlikely to continue to do business with a company if it requires a lot of effort to resolve an issue, while only 36% are likely to do so, and the rest are unsure.  

As social media and other digital communications become part of everyday life, consumers will increasingly expect options in how they interact with your business. Organizations must be prepared to service customers on the channels they prefer, and that with consistent service. Organizations that can provide a successful omnichannel journey can improve key contact center metrics, such as average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR), which overall, will enhance customer satisfaction scores and improve business results.  

After all, one bad customer service experience is all it takes for your organization to lose a customer.

On Feb 18th at 11 AM PST, join ICMI and Five9, as they discuss 5 common omnichannel pitfalls your organization can avoid in 2020 to create connected customer journeys and exceptional customer experiences.  

These omnichannel pitfalls include:  

  • The wrong technology (added on top of legacy systems) 

  • Insufficient staff or agents with the wrong skills leaving channels unstaffed or unavailable 

  • Inaccurate metrics and KPIs

  • Incomplete or disorganized customer information 

We hope you can make it to our webinar, but if you can’t, register anyway to receive the recording. 

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