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5 Reasons to Attend Five9 CX Summit 2021

Stephanie Wisdom
Stephanie Wisdom Dir., Content and Customer Marketing

Five9 is excited to let you know that our CX Summit is back for 2021! Although not in person quite yet, we guarantee that it’s worth zooming-in for.  If you are still on the fence about whether you should attend, here are five reasons you should register today. 

#1 Five9 Reimagine CX and Realize Results keynotes
This year, Rowan Trollope (CEO) and Callan Schebella (Head of Products) will share how the Five9 company vision, partners, product strategy and platform abilities are all designed to help you Reimagine CX and Realize Results. They’ll talk about what’s coming in terms of future tech and key partnerships, plus the many ways Five9 is gearing up to help you deliver success for your business.

#2 Ask Me Anything session  
It’s your opportunity to connect and engage live with the Five9 executive team! Get to know more about the leadership team and their perspective on the company and the industry. Bring your hardest questions and expect full transparency in all their answers.

#3 Reimagine the Contact Center Through the Power of a Digital Workforce and AI
 In the contact center of the future, human and AI-powered digital teams will work side by side to deliver the customer experience. Learn from leaders who are helping organizations embrace that future with innovations such as Intelligent Virtual Agents, Agent Assist, Conversational Architect and VoiceStream. You’ll also hear from Jonathan Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer, about the state of AI and machine learning in the contact center, including the latest on how Five9 is supercharging Google’s CCAI.

#4 Deliver a Remarkably Fast Return on Investment with an Intelligent Virtual Agent
Learn the details behind the powerful new Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent! This product gives your customers an easy, intuitive way to self-serve and helps you improve the bottom line. Want to see a demo before the event? All you have to do is ask!  

#5 Reimagine CX, Realize Results, and Make Wishes Come True!
We are happy to continue our collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation this year. Help us make wishes come true by registering for the event. For every registration completed, Five9 will donate $5 to the foundation to help give hope to waiting wish kids.

It’s time to brush your hair, put on a work shirt and Zoom-in. Register now and mark your calendars

Stephanie Wisdom
Stephanie Wisdom Dir., Content and Customer Marketing

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