Celebrating 20 years!

Better Together: Celebrating Our Fantastic Five9 Partners

Five9 is excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary, as well as our Customer and Partner Appreciation Month. As we embark upon many exciting festivities this month, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on our journey and say a special thank you to all our outstanding partners. They are essential to our continued success and an extension of who we are. We are stronger together. Our partners—and the solutions we provide with them—are our true differentiators. Whether it's improving selling, or making our product better, our services better, or most importantly, our customers' CX better, you approach everything with passion and excellence. We appreciate all you do!

You could say that technology sales and delivering an exceptional customer experience are my passion, and winning together with partners is in my blood. I grew up admiring my dad, who managed sales teams for a Nortel VAR for many years and integrated multiple products to give his team a competitive edge. Eventually, he started an interactive voice response (IVR) company where I witnessed firsthand the drive and dedication of a successful entrepreneur and channel partner leader. I watched as the trust between him, and his business partners developed into relationships that spanned decades and often evolved into lifelong friendships. He and his partners looked out for each other, they were committed to each other, and when required, they made personal sacrifices to ensure their mutual customers were thriving.

I have learned that business is personal. I have had a front-row seat throughout my career to see the transformative power of partner relationships. I have been in the contact center industry for 17 years, and I am pleased to say I was the first channel manager hired at Five9. When I look back at what we have done together with our partners, I am incredibly proud and even more excited about what we can accomplish in the future. The relationships we have made, the programs we have built, and the success we have achieved together blow me away. It has not always been easy, but it's the challenging moments that make the good times seem even more extraordinary.

The Future for Five9 and our partners is incredibly bright. Five9 is doubling down on our investments to help our partners succeed with next-level technology resources and marketing support in the coming year. Together, we deliver the best industry-leading contact center technology solutions for our mutual customers. I am grateful to our partners for establishing the trusted relationships that are crucial for our mutual success.

Thank you to all our global partners for their continued investment, confidence, trust and for making Five9 part of their solution offering. The sky is the limit on what we can do together with our partners. We look forward to working with you as we continue to help businesses reimagine the customer experience and deliver exceptional customer service.

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