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Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 2

Second in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#2 – The cloud cannot scale for large enterprises. The truth is actually just the opposite; one single organization is less likely to be able to scale more than a cloud software vendor. When delivering software in the cloud, the concept of economies of scale is key, so most cloud vendors build their solutions from the ground up with an innate ability to scale. In the contact center world this becomes particularly relevant, as contact centers often need to quickly ramp agents up and down for different seasons or campaigns. One analogy that comes to mind when discussing the scalability of the cloud is comparing it to a power grid. In the mid-1800s during the industrial revolution, the electricity used to light factories was limited to specific cities and in many cases was unreliable and costly. Most businesses invested heavily in building their own power plants, which were expensive and required experts to operate. The emergence of the power grid created a vastly more efficient paradigm – individuals, communities and industries now had access to affordable, scalable and reliable energy giving them more time to focus on their business. Cloud computing is the same; cloud software providers can deliver robust, enterprise applications as a service which is affordable, scalable and reliable. Power Grid

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