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Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 4

Fourth in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#4 – The cloud can’t be customized. The idea that software in the cloud is not customizable is one that has been perpetuated by on premise software vendors and is simply false. In fact, software in the cloud can absolutely be modified to meet a particular organizations needs and in many cases it is less expensive to accomplish than with on premise software.  Open APIs enable cloud vendors to deliver low-cost customization options to customers. Most cloud software providers also offer tools that enable custom fields, tables, screens and reporting. Similar to other cloud software vendors, the Five9 cloud contact center solution is the same basic offering for all of our clients. However, we provide the ability to customize each instance based on a specific client's needs. At Five9, delivering our contact center infrastructure solutions via the cloud has helped our clients very quickly get their contact centers up and running – they only need to supply agents with computers, headsets and an Internet connection. Many of our clients have struggled with the misconceptions outlined above. But they’ve since discovered that, by shifting the burden of managing the contact center software to Five9, they are able to focus on their core competency – building a customer engagement center of excellence. Beyond Cloud

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