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Welcome Five9 Summer Interns: Class of 2018

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Mady Engelhart Corporate Marketing Intern

Introducing Five9’s 2018 Summer Interns! Meet the eight young men and women who will be spending the next 10 weeks at the Five9 headquarters in sunny, San Ramon, California.



Meet Chris, the Sales Operations Intern: 

 After finishing his second year at Chico State University, Chris is returning to Five9 for his second consecutive summer. Chris says, “I came back to learn about different divisions of the company, and gain a wide breadth of knowledge about how Five9 operates.” What excites Chris most about interning at Five9 again? The experience and the culture. A fun fact about Chris: He toured with a choir in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. 


Meet Lekya, the Cloud Operations Intern: 

 Lekya just completed her Masters at CSU East Bay. In her time at Five9, Lekya hopes to learn more about the Intranet and Moodle training/ education. She says, “I work with a great and productive IT team who are very kind and polite in helping me. I would say Five9 has a strong, ethics-driven culture.”


Meet Joe, the Financial Planning and Analysis Intern:

 Joe just graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho. In his time with Five9 he hopes to develop an “understanding of the Financial Planning and Analysis process, the role it plays in the company and Excel monitoring and processing improvements.” How does Joe unwind after a long day’s work? Netflix and a bowl of cereal.


Meet Abby, the Human Resources Intern:

Abby is entering her fourth and final year at UC Berkeley. Abby is most excited by the culture at Five9. She says, “people seem to be very open with one another, even in different departments - especially in HR. I’m excited to get exposure to the different facets of Five9.” In her free time Abby loves to see movies and live theater performances. 


Meet Jason, the Software Development Intern:

Jason, a third year at Colorado State University, is also a returning intern to Five9. This summer, Jason is looking forward to “practicing software development in a business workflow, emphasizing on communication, deadlines, and accountability.”


Meet Lisa, the Professional Services Intern:

 Lisa, who loves skiing and sushi, will start her third year at Indiana Universityin the fall. She’s excited to be part of a team that is willing to help her learn, but also challenges her. During her internship she hopes to “learn more about the applications the team uses and applying what I’ve learned in the classroom to the workforce.” What’s Lisa’s most impressive trait? Her ability to make everyone around her laugh. 


Meet Hayden, the Demand Generation Marketing Intern:

Hayden, who just finished his second year at Utah State, is hoping to gain the “real-world application” that can’t be taught in a classroom. He’s looking forward to working with a diverse team in a very positive environment. Hayden says, “everyone is always willing to help. It’s very unique. The team outings, Thursday’s in the Cloud. The fact that you can see the company giving so much to the employees is a cool thing.” Outside of the office, he loves spending time outdoors- rock climbing, snowboarding or biking!


And lastly, I’m Mady, the Corporate Marketing Intern:

In the fall I’ll be starting my senior year at San Diego State University. When I’m not at work you can find me with my dog, binge watching Friends. What am I looking forward to most this summer? I’m excited to be working beside and learning from a team of experienced professionals. I feel lucky to be joining such an intelligent, hard-working, and close-knit team!

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Mady Engelhart Corporate Marketing Intern

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