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Why Customer Analytics is the Key to a Better Customer Experience

By Todd Marthaler, Contact Center Analytics Consultant, Calabrio

Your customers have more power than ever. With smartphone in hand, consumers expect anytime, anywhere access to your business. Whether they're reaching out via a mobile app, your website, the phone or in person, your customers want a consistent, effortless experience every time. And if they don't get this, consumers are more willing - and more able - than ever to switch.

Recognizing this change in consumer behavior, businesses are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach with customer experience being a major focus area for CEOs in 2017. This emphasis on customer experience has brought the contact center into the limelight and has established this once overlooked area as a source of strategic business value. In the past, businesses paid huge fees to market research firms to tell them what their customers wanted. Today, we see businesses across the board realizing they have the complete voice of the customer sitting uncultivated in their contact centers in the form of call recordings, chat transcripts, customer service emails and other customer interaction data. Companies are finally investing in their contact center technology in order to uncover this goldmine of customer insights.

Many organizations have found an answer to these challenges through investing in cloud-based contact center solutions. With modern cloud-based tools, the contact center gains the agility to respond to customers' omnichannel demands while also having the flexibility to scale up at the push of a button to accommodate fluctuations due to seasonal volumes, unexpected weather events, or an influx due to marketing campaigns. The near-limitless resources of the cloud also open up new digital capabilities, enabling businesses to explore advanced analytics tools that often require large amounts of computing power that would be cost-prohibitive or simply infeasible in an on-premises model.

In this modern era of customer service, customer interaction analytics are the key to creating the kind of engagements that customers crave - and the benefits can be felt across the enterprise. Organizations that apply analytics across communication channels can mitigate the cost of customer attrition and drive topline growth through enhanced upsell and cross-sell opportunities, while also reducing costs by eliminating gaps and other inefficiencies in the customer journey.

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