Customer Stories: How We Are Helping

Customer Stories: How We Are Helping

Our number one priority is to make sure our customers and our employees are safe and that they have the level of business continuity that they need. We created the Five9 FastTrack Deployment program to help customers keep their businesses operating.  

In the short time this program has been available, the results have been impressive. One of the things Five9 is recognized in the market for, is our high touch approach to implementation and support and this extends to our partners as well.  While the FastTrack customers have had unique needs for this unique time, we have maintained our dedication to delivering a custom solution that meets their needs.  This isn’t the time for out of the box requirements.  This theme is very evident in each of the stories, and on behalf of the services teams we are very grateful for the opportunity to help you continue to service your customers.

Read on to learn about some of the industries and companies we have helped.  

Helping our Small Businesses 

The past few weeks have been extremely hard on the small business sector and we know that it is critical for these businesses to continue to operate at a high level. When a New York City based organization, dedicated to helping at-risk youth, came to us to expedite their move to work from home (WFH) model since their agents were among the higher at-risk age group for the Covid-19 virus, the Five9 team responded right away.  We provisioned their agents immediately and had them up and running safely at home, where they were able to continue to work on their fundraising efforts for donations, keeping this small business running during this time. 

Helping our Retailers 

A large retail convenience store chain came to Five9 asking us to migrate two of their internal support groups, HR and Internal IT, to our cloud contact center to address their WFH agent needs.  Five9 Professional Services responded immediately with a rapid deployment for these groups within two weeks. Our Five9 solution is flexible enough that the retailer can quickly and easily scale upwards from their initial implementation, and now the retailer plans to triple the number of remote agents in the next two months. 

Helping our Higher Education Institutions 

A university out of Florida recently came to Five9 with an urgent need to migrate their agents from a premise-based contact center to a WFH solution over a weekend.  With students returning to campus on a Monday, on Saturday the university discovered that their system couldn’t handle the remote call volume on their previous contact center solution. The Five9 team finished the complex IVR routing by Sunday, and by Monday afternoon, their 27 WFH agents were live. The following day an additional 25 agents were brought on. 

Five9 Professional Services worked on another Higher Education customer, and turned them up even quicker. The institution needed to be immediately taken off their premise-based solution and get 15 agents working from home as soon as possible.  Five9 Professional Services started configuring the agents at 8:00 a.m. and had them up and running by 3:00 p.m. the same day. A record seven hours for their employees to work productively and safely from home. The customer then added another 17 agents two days later within just a few hours, resulting in a total of 32 agents working remotely within three business days. 

Helping our Healthcare Customers  

We all know the massive and heroic efforts that our healthcare workers, and industry are taking on.  A healthcare organization was given the daunting task of identifying at-risk residents of New York, and helping remotely triage some of the potentially impacted patients. The agents needed to provide guidance and education to address concerned community members.  In addition, they had to appropriately direct the residents to emergency and nursing services for directions and care. This organization reached out to Five9 to discuss the best options and approach to the situation. What was initially a discovery conversation turned into a three-day sprint to get 50 agents enabled and handling these critical calls. This is another great example of how we are prioritizing community and our customers when they need us to be responsive. 

Helping our International Customers 

One of our partners in Latin America recently showed us why they are part of the Five9 team, with their spirit of helping customers first.   Working with a Global BPO, a customer came to them to work with Five9 to turn up over 400 agents for a remote WFH mandate during this crisis. The challenge was that they needed to be up within 24 hours.  Five9 worked closely with our partner, and in less than 24 hours provisioned the telco, the domain, and the agents to work remotely. 400 agents within 24 hours - another impressive partnership from our global team during this crisis. 

Five9 is working tirelessly to operate with urgency and compassion in order to meet the needs of our customers.  Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to helping you and your customers.  Stay happy, healthy, and safe. 

To learn about the Five9 FastTrack program, click here.

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