CX in the City

CX in the City

I was recently in Napa Valley and had the most relaxing time. Everywhere I went I enjoyed an amazing customer experience (CX) - from the hotel, to local restaurants, and especially at some of the great Napa wineries.

This got me thinking – are there differing CX expectations from those who live in the city versus those that are in the suburbs or rural areas? Do customers really have different expectations based on where they are and live?

And, the answer is – yes they do!!

In our Five9 Customer Service Index, Zogby Analytics polled over 1000 consumers across the United States. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the results.

When asked, “How does the customer service you receive impact your impressions of a company?” – many respondents said, “without good service they don’t get my business”.

Let’s take a look at the respondents’ geographical breakdown:     

Large city (more than 100,000)          47.3%                                                 

Small city (less than 100,000)             48.3%

Suburbs                                               42.8%

Rural                                                    53.2%

The two cities, large and small were similar in their responses. Surprisingly though, the rural customers were the most adamant in their views here. People in the suburbs were the most chill – well, so I would like to think, as I live in a nice California suburb.

Next I looked at how the survey respondents reacted after having had a negative customer service experience and how likely they were to do business with that company again. 

Here is the geographical break down for the response of “unlikely to do business the company again:”


Large city         36.5% 

Small city        38.6%

Suburbs           34.1%

Rural                38.9%


Again our rural citizens are the strongest in their opinion, only just pipping those in the small cities this time.  My posse, the suburbanites, are again the most forgiving.

So, does CX in the city matter more than in the burbs? It seems to look that way.

If you are interested in learning more about our Five9 Customer Service Index, you can watch the “5 Ways Executives are Enhancing Customer Satisfaction” – preferably while you are enjoying a nice Cosmo, or two.

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