Do You Have a Plan for Workforce Disruption?

Do You Have a Plan for Workforce Disruption?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses realized that were not prepared for any disruptions to normal workflows. However, the ones who had business continuity plans (BCP) in place were able to quickly conduct operations outside of their normal parameters. Most of these plans revolve around sudden incidents of weather, natural or man-made disasters – most businesses likely didn’t factor in a worldwide pandemic.

Companies of all sizes have been faced with closing their doors or drastically adjusting how much of their workforce will be interacting directly with the public. They have had to figure out how to keep their businesses operational and service their customers while most or all of their workforce is safely home.

The pandemic is one of the most far-reaching business disruptions in recent history and certainly in the information technology age. Which kind-of makes me think “huh, haven’t we been preparing for this very type of situation or at least preparing for the ‘access from anywhere type of situation’ for years with cloud technology?”

For years, Five9 has been selling the benefits of cloud and I have specifically sold the benefits of cloud contact center to our partners and our customers since 2013. These benefits include enabling your contact center workforce to be 100% remote with minimal technology requirements to support them, and without losing track of agent performance, support, and oversight.

Over the years, Five9 has been committed to training our partners and informing our customers on these benefits, and have positioned CCaaS as the ideal option for seamless business continuity solution for contact centers. Since cloud contact center is dynamically scalable, meaning all an agent needs is a computer and an internet connection to work remotely, a customer could essentially have a standby contact center at their fingertips for any situation where their workforce can’t be onsite.

In fact, our customers were able to send their employees home and have them online and helping customers in no time at the onset of pandemic. Five9 and our partners worked diligently with many customers that needed to get onto a cloud solution urgently to keep operations running and agents employed. We were able to turn up several customers in under 48 hours via our FastTrack deployment program – allowing businesses to resume customer interactions quickly.

This has been a challenging time for all, and our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by recent events. At Five9, we stand ready to work with our partner community and customers for short-term, immediate action and for the long-term planning necessary for the future. A future that may look different in how we interact and support each other and our customers, but remains at the core a very human experience.

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