Doubling Down on Humanity in Times of Uncertainty

Doubling Down on Humanity in Times of Uncertainty

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in social and economic turbulence that have come to define 2020. The effects of these events have fractured an essential bond between humans resulting in lack of trust. This gap is even larger between humans and organizations. Many are asking what businesses can do to address this pressing issue that customers are collectively experiencing. 

At our recent Five9 CX Summit, Amelia Dunlop, Chief Experience Officer, and Customer Strategy & Applied Design Practice Leader at Deloitte Digital, tackles the solution to this question in her Five9 CX Summit session “HX in Uncertainty: Doubling Down on Humanity in Times of Uncertainty.  

Dunlop is joined by Ashley Reichheld, Customer, Brand & Experience Practice Lead for Automotive, Transportation, Hospitality & Services Sector at Deloitte Digital, to consider how prioritizing the human values that emerge in customer service and workforce trends allow organizations to build trust among customers. This leads to a humanization of the organization and helps business to thrive in times of uncertainty through empathetic customer service. 

Register here to watch the full session here to learn how humanity helps businesses to prevail through uncertainty. 

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