Engaging Your Customers’ Digital Culture as a Strategy for Growth

Engaging Your Customers’ Digital Culture as a Strategy for Growth

This is the first year that I have not played the PHUF (Pinole Hercules Ultimate Frisbee) Thanksgiving Bowl. It has been a 22-year tradition between my old high school buddies. Instead, this Thanksgiving, I had a Zoom happy hour with them to regale in the past years of memorable plays of the PHUF bowl, WhatsApp calls with my cousins in the Philippines, and WeChat video calls with my aunts and uncles in Nanjing, China. 2020, a year of fenced-in living and social distancing, has highlighted the fact that social messaging platforms are thriving digital cultural communities where hijinks and fun aboundmemories are relived, and family traditions live on. 

Regardless of the industry vertical, to deliver exceptional customer experience is to know your customer and to know your customer is to cater to their cultural norms of communication. For enterprises that want to do business in LATAM, EU, Philippines, and Mexico, WhatsApp is a preferred messaging channel that is table stakes - just as WeChat is table stakes for enterprises that want to do business with mainland Chinese nationals. If you want to grow your business, you have to invest in building the ecommerce highways to access these thriving digital communities of your customer base. 

As your customer base grows or when they adopt new messaging trends, you want to be on an agile and open cloud contact center platform that can add these channels as simply as your customers can download an app on their mobile device. What about the need to train your agents to handle new messaging applications and learn a new UX flow to handle new social interactions? What about the need to design new workflowsupdate existing automation flows and bot integrations for these new channels? Is it worth it? Does it have to be a lengthy enterprise transformation process every time my business wants to cater to our growing customer base and new trends? 

The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center is designed to enable your business to be agile and move at the speed that your business demands. We offer a single agent messaging interface that can handle web chats, SMS, and social messaging channels in a standard, consistent UX paradigm. Our Messaging API allows you to bring your own channel or you can provision a channel through Five9. Once added, it will inherit all of the features of our chat capabilities such as reporting metrics, real-time statistics such as queue wait times, agent state and assigned interactions with live conversation monitoring and administrator permissions for enabling these channels for your agent groups. Our routing workflows and self-service bots are design to support “a build once and deploy to all digital channel” strategy. When you add a new channel, you simply add a new campaign and associate your existing workflows and bot integrations without any coding or new development.  

A prime objective of any enterprise ecommerce growth strategy in this mobile-driven age is having the ability to seamlessly add new messaging channels so you can tap into the thriving digital cultural communities of your customers where deals can be won, services exchanged, and exceptional customer experience delivered. 

For information on Five9 Digital Engagement, read the data sheet here. Visit us at www.five9.com for help creating your digital engagement strategy. 


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