Every Little Moment Counts With Your Customer

Every Little Moment Counts With Your Customer

Would you believe that I have spent more than 130 nights in hotels this year… and counting!

Customer experience is so key to retaining loyalty.

Recently, after twelve long hours of meetings, I hopped a flight from Orlando to Atlanta (#Boeing 757-200 Delta, for those keeping track). I arrived at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta and noticed the incredibly long check in line… oh wait, Marriott rocks and has three front desk team members dedicated to their Elite Loyalty Customers… awesome! So, I walked over to that short line and within a minute I was greeted by Maran with a smile. He thanked me for my Ambassador status and asked if there was anything he can do for me.

Hmm, well, yes. I had an all-day meeting for the next day and needed a small meeting space or maybe a small suite upgrade to accommodate the session. With a smile, he said, “Wait one second, Mr. Delis, I have just the room for you!” He thanked me again for my loyalty and proceeded to chuckle a little. Then he said, “We really appreciate your business and you will love your upgraded room; this should help your meetings go nice and smooth.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it’s important to me that meetings with customers are comfortable and accommodating, especially when they are full days.

I made my way up to the 40th floor, where I saw a double door with a doorbell. Hmmm. I double checked to make sure I had the right room number. Yes, it was. I walked in and it’s the super baller suite! Equipped with a nice office and TV, dining room, living room and half a football field of space. So much more than what I was expecting!

I finished my preliminary preparation for the morning meetings and went to thank him. I cut the line and said, “You have gone above and beyond your customer service excellence. Thank you for making me feel special.”

It was a great learning lesson… it’s almost like “The One Minute Manager”… it only takes one moment in time to praise someone, coach someone, acknowledge someone. That one moment brings a level of appreciation that can never be matched by any other customer experience.

At Five9, we have a people first, customer centric culture. We believe in doing right by your team and your client and I am glad to see that Marriott shares similar values.  

Thank you, Marriott and Maran, for the amazing customer experience.

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