Five9 and the Gartner 2020 CCaaS MQ

Five9 and the Gartner 2020 CCaaS MQ

Gartner recently published their 2020 CCaaS Magic Quadrant report. This was Gartner’s first attempt to consolidate what was previously two separate reports – one for North America, and one for Western Europe. We believe that this year, Gartner got it wrong.  

In their efforts to consolidate what was previously two distinct reports, Gartner used unfortunate criteria to assess and evaluate solution providers in order to be recognized and placed in the Leader quadrant.  Gartner required that a vendor must meet the minimal requirements for number of concurrent seats and revenue in both North America and Western Europe. For North America, this was not an issue for Five9 as we have long been a market leader and have a large base of customers, and strong and rapidly growing revenue. For Western Europe, Gartner required that vendors have a minimum of 12,000 concurrent seats in operation in region. Five9 did not meet that minimum requirement and therefore was not eligible to be considered as a Leader in this now consolidated MQ.  

Aside from that prerequisite, we believe strongly that we are a Leader in the CCaaS market globally as indicated and recognized by Gartner in each of the previous five years.  Five9 was also recognized earlier this year as a market leader by Forrester, Aragon Research, Omdia (formerly Ovum) and ISG.  In most cases, these were global CCaaS market assessments. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant this year, however, is the outlier.   

At Five9, we strive to meet the needs of a true global marketplace and not just a regional co-hort. In their report, Gartner took a narrow approach to the market, ignoring facts relating to regions outside of North America and Western Europe, while claiming they had to narrow their focus based on their [paying] customers’ purported needs. Gartner also discounted our proven support for multinational organizations based in North America as well as Western Europe and Latin America. 

While reports from Gartner and others can be sometimes useful as a data point to understand a market or compare vendors, we believe many facts reinforce our global market leadership position: 

  • Five9 is one of the largest CCaaS providers in the world with solid financials and a history of strong revenue growth including 20+ quarters of increased revenue, an average of +27% each quarter since 2015 

  • Five9 supports a large and growing customer base with over 200,000 contact center seats globally

  • Five9 addresses the needs of large enterprises with over 83% of our revenue coming from Enterprise accounts 

  • Five9 is a global provider of CCaaS services with 28% of revenue coming from International locationsThis number includes both estimates of the revenue from agents working for U.S. multinationals abroad and revenue from companies that are located outside of the U.S. 

  • Our international revenue has grown 119% in the last year, from $42 million to $91 million.  This number includes both estimates of the revenue from agents working for U.S. multinationals abroad and revenue from companies that are located outside of the U.S. 

  • Five9 is laser focused on delivering white glove customer service as demonstrated by a net promoter score of +80 for implementations  globally 

  • Five9 has strong partnerships with global systems integrators including Deloitte, Accenture, EY, IBM and Slalom 

  • Five9 is a destination of choice for employees including hiring top talent from industry and has stellar Glassdoor ratings - 4.7 score, 91% recommend to a friend, 97% approve of CEO 

  • Five9 has a strong and growing distribution channel with several new global partners including AT&T 

  • Five9 has enhanced its strong innovation engine with strategic acquisitions including in WFO, Workflow Automation, and Intelligent Virtual Agents. 

For these many reasons, among others, Five9 is widely and repeatedly recognized as a Leader in the CCaaS market in many industry analyst reports, as mentioned previously, as well as by leading financial analysts who closely monitor and report on the CCaaS market.

Gartner’s failure to recognize Five9 as a leader globally in this year’s CCaaS report, while disappointing, simply motivates us to achieve even greater results and to maintain our sharp focus on delighting customers across the globe.    

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