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Five9 at the Heart of San Ramon

It’s a cool October Sunday morning in San Ramon, California. Usually on the weekends the Bishop Ranch business park is not very busy with employees from the various tenants that are located in the different buildings in what many call the center or “heart” of San Ramon. This part of the city is known for the newly completed and ongoing construction on top of the many businesses located in the various buildings in the surrounding area. San Ramon has a new City Hall and across the street a recently remodeled library. But the main attraction to come is the highly anticipated City Center that is in progress which has plans to have a movie theater, ice skating rink, etc. and in a second phase of construction housing and hotel.

One might think, why is this Sunday different from others? On this particular day, Five9 along with other companies in the area such as AT&T and Chevron arrived to fundraise for the American Heart Association.


A handful of Five9 employees, family, and friends gathered at their usual workplace along with thousands of other people raising funds for the Bay Area Heart Walk. Many people were excited to be at the event and several people were holding up signs to show the reason why they are doing the walk. One sign a young man was holding up was “for his brother,” along with a woman and her daughter holding a sign “for our family and friends." Numerous people were proud to help provide awareness about heart disease, stroke or a cardiovascular conditions along with providing research, education and emergency care. This was a 5K walk, or for those that do not use the metric system, a little more than a 3 mile stroll through the Bishop Ranch business park.

The walk started where Five9 HQ is located and it proceeded down a small pathway that surrounds the man-made lake next to the building where AT&T. Very beautiful area where one can see occasionally a gaggle of geese roaming around.

At the halfway mark of the walk everyone stepped onto the Iron Horse Trail that borders another Bishop Ranch building at that have tenants like GE and Robert Half.

As we continued off the trail and back onto the streets, a few cars passing by honked their horns for support and many waved back as thanks. It all ended back to the area where the Five9 office is located to conclude the walk. Many people doing high fives for the completion, lots of hugs and selfie’s to post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Participation in events like this can make anyone glad to be employees of companies at the walk, that are more than just about the business, but the culture within.


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