Five9 CMO Ryan Kam on theCUBE

Five9 CMO Ryan Kam on theCUBE

Five9 CMO, Ryan Kam, shared his thoughts on zero distance from your customers, the heart of businesses and the evolving landscape of technology. Today, we are recapping his interview with the hosts, Lisa Martin and Stu Miniman, on theCUBE. Here are the highlights:

Lisa Martin: “One of the things that I'm interested in is, you have a lot of organizations in any industry, that are reactive, and they want to get to proactive, and eventually be predictive. How can an organization or a financial services organization remove some of the barriers in the way, between the contacts and those customers, so that they can glean those actionable insights in a timely manner?” 

Ryan Kam: “It's really about why the contact center is so important. You see all the companies here, there's going to be more and more companies driving into this space, and really looking at AI. So, the things that we touched upon already, are the power of the cloud, data, and AI to look at all that data, and make certain predictions and conclusions, so that you can start to have clear path to your customer, and react faster. Because it is all about creating zero distance from your customer.”

Stu Miniman: “Ryan, can you bring us in the customer experience? I think we all had times as a consumer, where you're frustrated. I can't find stuff on the website. I've called interactive voice response, not my favorite thing to deal with. So, if companies aren't using solutions like yours, what are they in danger of?” 

Ryan Kam: “Well, your customers and your prospects are really the heart of every business right, and part of that is your brand is really important. In those moments when they need you the most, and when they're reaching out, contacting you through email, SMS, or on the phone - your brand is at where it could be at its best, but also as most vulnerable. And that's where the contact center and your agents are crucial to the overall customer experience. You have one bad phone conversation, you have one bad SMS, your brand is really at risk. And your brand, if it's at risk, so is your business because consumers have more choice than they ever had before.” 

Lisa Martin: “So when you are talking with customers that, you say, you have to look at every customer interaction, as possible your last. But also as an opportunity to delight that customer, and drive an increase in customer lifetime value. You talk to your customers, but you got to look through both lenses?” 

Ryan Kam: “Yes, you need to look at the context in which you serve your customers. At Five9 nothing is more important than the customer, and we always try to make sure that the human part, the interaction never leaves. As technology keeps on expanding, we have to imagine ourselves in our customers seats, what is like to be on that phone call, what is like to be in that interaction, and how do we provide companies a platform to be better, and better, and better serve their customers. I have this saying ‘better, better, never best.’ Which is this idea of always evolving, never feel like you achieved something, always try to get better.” 

To learn more about Five9 from our CMO Ryan Kam, you can view his full interview here.

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