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Five9 Culture

Company values are often on websites and sometimes on walls within the corporate office. As a new employee, you learn about the core values when you join the company and attend new hire orientation. You think to yourself things like, “Why do these words matter to me? Are they just words or do they align to my company’s culture? Do I see these values each day?”

I’ve thought about this a lot since my return to Five9 almost two years ago and our work to align our values to recruitment, our culture and performance as a team. Our company values, demonstrated by our leadership team, are one of the reasons I came back to Five9. We see our values demonstrated in how we interact with our customers, partners, employees, vendors and candidates. To be honest, we are human and we don’t always do it perfectly, however our focus is on our values, along with a “whatever it takes” attitude. I feel inspired when I see our values carried out each day by our employees in their actions, how they speak, and in what they accomplish. I’m so proud to see these values embedded in our culture, as a nice reminder of why I enjoy working at Five9:

Customer Focus.







To me, these are not just words, but rather powerful standards we all aspire to and emulate each day at Five9. Great company culture is a special thing, with some intangibles that are hard to put your finger on. However, here at Five9, the list is long, as to why our company culture is so great. It starts with our leadership team and employees, emulating these values each day and inspiring each other to be exceptional.


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