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If all you have is two cans and a string, how can you create a great customer experience?

It's all about the tools you have on hand to do the job well.

It's the same with contact center agents. If they are given complicated screens with incomplete information and outdated technology, how can they be expected to provide an excellent customer experience?

Contact center agents often provide the first interaction between an individual and a company; it's a critical time. However, there is a huge gap between what agents need to do their jobs well, and what they have available to them. Legacy technology is overly complicated, cobbled together to support digital channels, and causes frustration. With the addition of social media and channels, and the consumer need for instant communication, the frustrations can only grow. We also know that agent satisfaction directly impacts the customer experience, and yet few companies are investing in their agents, as they should.

It will take something significant, real pain to the bottom line, such as losing customers to competition, for companies to start acting on it. They need to start actually walking the walk and ending their dependency on legacy systems. This is what will separate contact centers. There are those that are content just to carry on with the status quo, with no regard to how insufficient technology negatively impacts their customers. And there are those that are willing to make a change and do something different. To break away from the status quo and look at the advantages of smart, cloud based technology that simplifies and provides the best tools possible.

At Five9 we have embraced the fact that the agent experience is just as important as the customer journey. Recognizing this, today we announced the Freedom Release of our virtual contact center (VCC) solution. This release includes a new, intuitive Five9 user interface called Agent Desktop Plus, and new contact center CRM Adapters for Oracle and Salesforce.

Why have we named it Freedom? Because it gives agents freedom from complexity and frustrations. Because it gives agents freedom to do their jobs well and provide an excellent customer experience.

I invite you to please contact us for more information. Do your agents have the right tools to deliver the best experience?

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