Five9 Spring Release 2018 Genius

Five9 Launches Five9 Genius Delivering Practical AI for the Contact Center

We have all heard the buzzwords - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Internet of Things (IoT)? You may not be sure what they all mean. Or may wonder “What’s in it for me?” Is this all real, or is it just a lot of hype?

Digital transformation is fueling a rapid change in customer expectations. These expectations are evolving faster than most businesses can respond. Consumers want to communicate on their terms, and they expect you to “know me.” For enterprises, the challenge is to provide personalized experience to thousands and millions of diverse customers. To achieve personalization in this complex environment, a dynamic technology is required. One that can consume data, learn patterns and adapt actions, all in real-time. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announce the Five9 Spring Release 2018, introducing Five9 GeniusTM.

Genius delivers practical AI for the contact center to create easier, smarter and personalized customer experiences. Using unstructured data from sources including emails, chats or web search entries, Genius predicts the reason for the customer inquiry. It uses contextual and personalized routing to find the best agent available. The agent is provided with rich insights into the customer and their situation, along with specific guidance on how to address their issue. With Genius, enterprises can deliver a personalized experience each and every time. 

Spring Release 2018 focuses on three key areas:

1. Underlying the artificial intelligence layer is Five9 Engagement Workflow, a powerful AI-driven workflow engine for intelligent omnichannel routing of Five9 and external channels and objects. Engagement Workflow incorporates machine learning from Five9 NLP and third party engines (such as Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson) to process structured and unstructured data, derive customer intent, determine sentiment and guide the interaction to a personalized experience. What does this mean for your business? It means Five9 becomes a single work engine to deliver any kind of work to your customer service and sales representatives in a programmatic and sustainable way.

2. Extending the Five9 open contact center platform for more complex enterprise needs enabling deeper customizations through the addition of over 120 new REST API’s. A new infrastructure layer enables real-time data services for AI and advanced needs. The platform is expanded further with WebRTC to meet today’s need for collaboration by supporting agents on Chromebook and Ubuntu devices. With WebRTC, enterprises can support remote worker environments requiring the use of low cost computers.

3. The heart of every contact center is the ability to measure and monitor the performance of business. The need for personalization and the introduction of self-learning systems will demand greater real-time visibility and monitoring. Five9 introduces new Supervisor console and Dashboard offerings. Five9 Supervisor Plus uses a state of the art, user-centric design for supervisors. It places real-time omnichannel statistics at their fingertips. This enables rapid response to changing business needs. Five9 Performance Dashboard, complements Supervisor Plus by providing real-time business performance metrics in a role-based, visually dynamic medium. Performance Dashboard gives agents, supervisors and executives critical data and insights from disparate systems like CRM, WFO, contact center, and other technologies.

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