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Five9 Launches Summer Release 2017, Major Release for Global Enterprises

When it comes to the next big thing in technology, there is no real way of knowing exactly what the future holds for consumers. Who would have thought that today we’d be chatting with robots on Facebook or that WhatsApp would have the largest global message platform?


Multibillion-dollar platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp have both anticipated and created big technology shifts and trends. They are companies well prepared, well architected for the future. No, there isn’t a way to predict what will happen in the next coming years, but preparedness is what separates the leaders and disrupters from the pack. Modern architecture is the key to their success.


Modern architecture is based on customizable platforms and is much like a Lego set. You have hundreds of pieces when you lay everything out. You start building a tower, and then an even bigger tower, and then a car to drive around, and a bridge to drive the car on. Say you still have some left over pieces at this point but not enough to build what you want. So, you break down the bridge and build a plane. Flexibility to build whatever you want and then change overtime, as you wish, is the structure of the modern architecture.


When the next trend comes full speed ahead, if you’re built on a modern architecture, you can adapt and change courses right alongside the consumer driven world.


Today’s global enterprises aspire to engage customers consistently, regardless of location or device. However, their legacy systems often hamper them, limiting their reach and creating poor, inconsistent customer experiences.


Cloud platforms with modern architecture enable companies to embrace digital transformation and provide holistic views of end-to-end customer journeys across all touchpoints. Moreover, these platforms bolster the customer experience and provide a future proof system that can scale to meet changing markets. Cloud platforms are the ultimate Lego kits. Ones that use microservices – compartmentalized functions – maintain much more reliable platforms with customizable snap-in snap-out features.


We are proud to be on the cutting edge of modern architecture. We have officially launched Five9 Summer Release 2017 today, where we expand our customer engagement infrastructure with stronger features and function. We connect the dots and lay the foundation for the future of global enterprise businesses.


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