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Five9 Named One of the Highest Public Cloud Companies To Work For

The competition to retain and attract talent at software and technology companies has never been greater. For companies based in the Bay Area, that adds an entire new  level of complexity. It’s extremely critical to keep up with hiring trends, offer competitive employee benefits, and foster great culture.

Keeping up with the trends is one thing, but to attract and retain top talent, companies have to go above and beyond. Some may offer free lunches, commuter benefits, childcare, pet care, health and wellness benefits, and one or all of these can be  requirements for candidates. Now, not one company can be perfect to all candidates, so how do you know you’re offering the right perks for employees and candidates?

One way to validate, and a metric we use at Five9 to measure employee culture, is through Glassdoor reviews. Employees can freely express feedback on the company they work for, rate their CEO, share interview experiences, and more. At Five9 we value feedback from our employees, previous and current, as it gives transparency to potential candidates, that Five9 could be a great fit. Why is Five9 a great fit you ask? The answer is, because of the culture that’s been created and fostered here.


Last week, Battery Ventures published its Highest Rated Public Cloud Companies To Work For, which highlights B2B cloud companies with stellar records of employee satisfaction, as measured by Glassdoor feedback. Five9 is honored to make the list for our overall company rating of 4.2. The broader average across Glassdoor is 3.4. Five9 also has a 78 percent positive business-outlook rating, based on feedback shared by employees, while the broader Glassdoor average is 48%.

With our new CEO, Rowan Trollope on board, and this announcement of Five9 being a top place to work, I couldn’t be more proud of the Five9 team.

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