Five9 Helps Inspirations Provide 24/7 Help for Troubled Teens and Youth


Oceantides LTD owns several teen and adult rehabs. Its teen recovery center is called Inspirations for Youth and Families, otherwise known as IYF, and is a nationally-renowned adolescent alcohol and substance abuse addiction treatment center for teens ages 13 to 18. Troubled teenagers go to Inspirations to learn the skills necessary to restore direction in their lives. Its adult counterpart, The Cove Center for Recovery serves adults in the same capacity 18-years-old and above. While the ability to quickly answer and respond to customer service calls is important for any enterprise, Inspirations and the Cove face unique challenges; the urgent nature of these calls requires an answer within just two rings, or the caller will change their mind. With Five9, Inspirations and the Cove are able to ensure that all of their callers get to the agent - and the help - that they so desperately need. Answer, Tracking and Calling - 24/7 Inspiration and the Cove use Five9 for its 24/7 helpline. Tracking and recording these calls is critical. In doing so, Inspirations and the Cove are able to identify calls that have been excessively short, or have not gone well. This information is then recorded, and used during agent down time. While the Inspiration and Cove contact center primarily answers calls, the Five9 blended solutions allows contact service agents to make outbound calls, and contact those that have been identified as still looking for an answer to a problem, when incoming calls are dwindling. Don't let it go to Voicemail Due to the sensitive nature of a rehab hotline, Inspiration and the Cove need to have an extremely quick response time. Callers on average wait less than 30 seconds to answer, allowing the phone to ring just 2-3 times before hanging up and turning to alternate methods of coping. With Five9, callers are automatically routed to the nearest available representative, or calls are redistributed to a separate therapy call center if no one picks up immediately. This allows for a higher answer rate, and allows callers to get through as quickly as possible. Using Five9, Inspiration and the Cove are able to reliably answer calls within an average of 30 seconds. Inspiration and the Cove provide the services and programs needed to help families recover from addiction, and Five9 is proud to provide a necessary tool to assist in the commendable effort. For more examples of how Five9 is helping companies provide a better experience, take a look at a few other Five9 customer case studies.

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