Five9 Seals Partnership with IP Dynamics

Five9 Seals Partnership with IP Dynamics

Five9 is proud to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with IP Dynamics GmbH, an independent and global IT company, to bundle our strengths and expand in German markets. Together, Five9 and IP Dynamics look forward to expanding our portfolio to provide new markets with an extraordinary contact center as a service (CCaas) solution powered by cloud.

Compared to conventional, on-premise contact center solutions, Five9 cloud contact center software enables intelligent routing, workforce management and real-time reporting, among others, and can be easily integrated into common CRM systems. In addition, the Five9 platform is easy-to-use, scalable, secure and cost-effective. Essentially, all you need to get started is a computer, a headset and an internet connection.

While Five9 provides a future-proof solution, the experts at IP Dynamics have the necessary experience and knowledge on the German-speaking market to support interested companies in its implementation.

This new partnership will enable new markets to provide extraordinary experiences that will transform customer experience into customer loyalty and trust.

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