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The Force is Strong at Five9

No, Five9 doesn’t have a bunch of Jedi or Sith Lords running around the office. But, in honor of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), I wanted to share the cultural impact I’ve experienced with Star Wars and Five9 employees, adding to the fun work environment.

At our old Five9 headquarters, there was a section of the office called the “dark side.” The name of that section of cubicles derived from the fact that the office lights were turned off during the majority of office hours. And, only lights from the computer screens and individual desk lamps provided illumination. To lighten up the spirits of the office, (pun intended) a longtime employee (still with us today), decided to give all the Support Engineers in the “dark side” a Darth Vader mask, embracing the way of the Sith. This was all before Star Wars Day was even a thing. I would say that was just the beginning of camaraderie you find at Five9.

Today we have many employees at the current headquarters that are Star Wars aficionados. We left our “dark side” behind us at the old office. We have an employee that owns an actual Storm Trooper suit, and others owning models of Millennium Falcons and Tie Fighters. We even have an employee with a recent birthday that received a Death Star/X-Wing Balloon.

You can’t put a price on having co-workers that you enjoy working with and also coming together by having many things in common like Star Wars. The force is strong at Five9, may the force be with you!


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