How Delivering a More Human Customer Service Experience Drives Customer Loyalty

How Delivering a More Human Customer Service Experience Drives Customer Loyalty

In previous posts we’ve shared on the topic of providing a more human customer service experience, we discussed What Customers Really Expect When They Contact Your Business and 7 Experiences Your Customers Value Most When They Need Assistance. Now, let’s explore how providing a more human customer service experience inspires loyalty in your customers.

Customer loyalty is the hardest thing to win and the easiest thing to lose. It can take several positive experiences with a business for a customer to say, “I’ll always go here for this,” but only one negative experience to say, “I’m never going back.”

Now that your contact center is the new front door of your business, there’s little room for error. You have to make the most of every interaction with your customers—knowing who they are, meeting them on their channel of choice, empowering them to self-serve when they can, enabling them to pick up where they last left off on a different channel and, ultimately, resolving their issues quickly and to their satisfaction.

Consistently providing exceptional customer service is hard work, but well worth it. After all, we know that it is six times more expensive to win a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. But keeping those existing customers loyal requires an intelligent cloud contact center that enables agents to deliver the type of service and support experiences customers expect.

Let’s explore a few Five9 success stories that have created more loyal customers.

PAR Technology – Resolving Issues the First Time

PAR Technology, a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software to restaurants, enables restaurants to improve their operational efficiency by combining cloud-based POS software with the world’s leading restaurant technology platforms. When restaurants have an issue or question about using the technology, PAR’s contact center agents direct them to experts across the organization and located around the globe. This process proved frustrating for agents and customers as PAR’s unified communications and contact center systems were not integrated.

When PAR moved to the cloud, the company chose Zoom for its unified communications as a service (UCaaS) system and Five9 for its contact center as a service (CCaaS) provider because of our integrated solution. Incorporating PAR’s CRM with the Five9 and Zoom integration gave agents the ability to identify customers and seamlessly connect them to experts on first contact, which ultimately resulted in higher first contact resolution rates. Working with an integrated platform also enabled agents to work from anywhere and reduced PAR’s IT costs.

Gonzaba Medical Group – Reducing Customer Wait Times

Gonzaba Medical Group (GMG), one of the largest medical practices in South Texas, had several issues with its on premises contact center software solution and was experiencing limitations with trunk space and number of lines. GMG was also missing calls, irritating patients, and having issues with reporting and monitoring.

By engaging with Five9, GMG optimized its IVR, gained insight into agent activities, instituted more scalable, flexible scheduling, and leveraged prebuilt Salesforce integrations. GMG lowered patient wait time from 10 minutes to 1 minute or less, a 900% reduction. Now 70% of calls are answered within 60 seconds, call abandonment rate has gone down by 4%, and GMG has improved patient appointment confirmation rates by 60%.

Regent University – Meeting Students on Their Channel of Choice

Regent University, a faith-based institution for higher education located in Virginia Beach, has on-campus and online programs available worldwide and 70% of its students attend online. Regent's contact center consists of admissions, financial aid, and student advisory services and handles mostly outbound calls with students.

The university was using an on premises solution that had no dialer functionality and no integration with Microsoft Dynamics, which reduced productivity. It had poor omnichannel delivery and was unable to meet large call volumes. Regent wanted to improve its communications channels and scale to meet growth goals.

By working with Five9, Regent was able to move to the cloud with ease and scale on demand, integrate with multiple systems to provide more personalized service for students, enable an omnichannel experience so students could engage on their channel of choice, and double call volume without adding agents.

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