How To Team Up With The Right Partners: Lessons From March Madness

How To Team Up With The Right Partners: Lessons From March Madness

It’s that March Madness time of year! It seems just about everyone becomes a college basketball fan, even if just for a while. Some do it for the potential winnings, others to add excitement to watching games, while others simply want to join a community via the office pool and a have fun together. 

As I once again was invited to join numerous March Madness pools, it made me think about how company picks a business partner amongst the myriad choices. Deciding on which pool to join can seem daunting. Below I share three key decision criteria when deciding on who to team up with: 

1. Community 

I get lots of opportunities every year to join multiple pools- big pools run by ESPN, CBS Sports and others, smaller pools run by extended family memberspools run by friends, and even the pool run by my church. In the end, I find it best to join a pool where I know and trust the community of members and have something in common. The Five9 approach to partnering is similar. We want to work with companies who focus on our mutual customers success and will work in a collaborative and trusting way to achieve a common goal. 

2. Easy to Join 

Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets and offline calculations at the end of the day to see who is winning. March Madness pools today are easy to join and provide access to tons of information to help you make bracket decisions and easily track your progress in real time. Five9 takes the same approach to partnering. We want to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Likewise, we align our partner model to make it easy and frictionless for you, our partnersto work with us. 

3. Business Results  

Lastly, as in every partnership the ultimate goal is to make money and achieve business success. Similarly, the pool payout is a factor in which pool to join. As we focus on the success of our customers, we strive to help our partners and Five9 drive mutual business results    

I realize the stakes are different between picking an office pool versus picking a business partner, but in the end, both share some similar criteria. And both should be fun! Good luck with your brackets and your partnering! 

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