Is Now the Time to Reimagine Your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy?

Is Now the Time to Reimagine Your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy?

In the last few years, we have witnessed the world change drastically in ways that organizations could never have anticipated. In conjunction with environmental and social changes, we have also seen shifts and major advancements in innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Because of this, leaders of customer experience (CX) must now face a big decision by asking, “Is now the time to reimagine the art of the possible for my CX strategy?” The answer is unequivocally yes.

The world is changing and so are the expectations of your customers. Studies* show that 92% of customers will switch companies after just three bad experiences. Not only do customers expect new ways of interacting with support and service agents, but they also expect empathetic, personalized and predictive experiences from them, building on the information they have already shared previously. Inquiries must be resolved quickly in one go; self-service must be an easy-to-access option. These new expectations are driving businesses to reimagine their customer service experiences. Luckily, technology is now available for those who see the value and act.

Technologies like Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent and Workflow Automation that use AI-powered engines to enable expedited, proactive and personalized experiences are helping organizations solve these new challenges. By using technology to take on the heavy lifting of mundane tasks and anticipate customer needs, agents can focus on the human element of the experience — giving customers the individualized, solution-oriented experience they want and expect, when they desire.

When technology innovations are coupled with the vast experience of strategic consultants like EY professionals, business transformations can be revolutionary. EY professionals have the ability to bring together the deep design thinking, business strategy and systems integration skills necessary for organizations to focus on reimagining their CX strategy. Making certain you’re working with a trusted advisor who knows how to raise your company to the next level of innovation is a make-or-break decision. Together, Five9 and the EY organization provide the ultimate services to help you reimagine your CX and realize the results of that transformation.

To learn more about how Five9 and EY professionals, together, can help you realize the art of the possible, please watch the video below:

* Source: Gladly 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey

The views reflected in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ernst & Young LLP or other members of the global EY organization.

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