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Is Your Global Enterprise Considering Cloud?

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The idea of cloud is nothing new. But still, your company might be hesitant to cut their premise-based cords.


Most large enterprises have legacy architectures deeply rooted in old, on-premises technologies. They can’t just prune their system; they need a viable replacement. And though many companies recognize this as a necessary evil, they struggle to incite the move to cloud.


From either an executive, technical and/or managerial level, you probably field a variety of concerns related to cloud migration. You can’t just dump your old system for a cloud contact center. You need assurances that the cloud based replacement is reliable and available anywhere in the world.


Understanding your problems:


If you operate with a legacy on-premise system, you may have noticed a variety of obstacles and limitations.


  • End of Life Announcements


If you’re sitting on an 10- to 15-year-old system, you probably have noticed significant upgrade limits. The industry is in a notable technology shift. Even on-premise vendors see the writing on the wall. Many are either removing their on-premise support or diverting their attention to hybrid or full-cloud options.


If you’re at the end of your contract you might have the option to thatch together a hybrid system or cobble in some minor upgrades. But overall, you are fighting an inevitable shift to the cloud model. Really, the only question is “now or later”?


  • High Cost Upgrades


Right now, updating your on-premises contact center network is likely cumbersome. It probably requires on-site evaluations and patchwork integrations to achieve any sort of“advanced” functional. Most on-premises solutions were crafted before certain contact center automation and omnichannel capabilities were industry standard. As a result, you likely experience capabilities limited to immediate hardware/software purchases and Frankenstein integrations.


  • Deployment Difficulty


Global premise-based contact centers are often expensive and limited to private networks. Each location required a separate datacenter with dedicated hardware, installations for each agent seat, multiple administrative licenses and dedicated IT professionals for system maintenance and support.


Analysts and economists agree that cloud is the future:


  • According to IDC, cloud solutions market is growing six times faster than all other software.
  • According to Frost and Sullivan, “2012 marked the first year in which the spend for cloud-based contact centers surpassed the premise-based contact center market.”
  • According to Beagle Research Group, “cloud-based call and contact centers save upwards of 20 to 30 percent of the five-year total cost of ownership compared with legacy systems.”


“2016 has been a great year for the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market. Companies of all sizes, including contact centers with more than 500 seats, are now adopting these solutions. The number of seats grew by a very strong 20.9% in the last 12 months, a trend that is expected to continue for the next five years as premise-based environments migrate to the cloud. Momentum is strong, and the solutions are continuing to improve.DMG Consulting, 2016-2017 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report

Why Five9?

At this point, it’s pretty clear that enterprise is caught in a cloud exodus. And the later you choose to leave your on-premise solution, the farther you’ll fall behind your competition. But why choose Five9?

At Five9, we understand that moving from on-premise to cloud is not an easy decision – or one to be taken lightly. There are many stakeholders within your process, each of whom have concerns that need to be addressed. For your company to make the switch to cloud, you need to garner support from your team, establish a cost/value proposal, present a transition plan and field appropriate change management documents.

We have the tools and experience you need including:

  • Strong Global Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Experience
  • Reliable Networks
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Scalability
  • Omnichannel Expertise
  • Customer Journey Analysis

Accordingly, Five9 is a start-to-finish partner for your enterprise. Our team will work with your company to address concerns, architect a strategy and finance change.


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