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[Live Webcast] The Future of Customer Journeys

According to Forrester, 52% of US adults are likely to abandon their online purchases if they cannot find quick answers to their questions. Most companies I’m aware of cannot afford to lose more than half of their customers this way, or any other way. It’s so important for businesses to understand their customer’s needs by having insights into the full customer journey. These insights arm businesses with understanding of customers’ behaviors, patterns, preferences, and needs. It gives them full view for the entire customer experience.

Now more than ever, the race to win new customers is getting harder, and targeting buyers is becoming more sophisticated. Is your company keeping up with the trends?

Join us on June 22 for our Summer Briefing Series: Winning with Customer Journeys, a live webcast on Facebook Live. Learn how customer journey maps are being used to attract, nurture and ultimately win new clients. Learn how the leading developers of customer journey experiences are driving innovation. The webcast will include a discussion with these industry thought leaders: John Hernandez, COO of Salesforce, Barry O’Sullivan, CEO of Altocloud, Gaurav Passi, EVP Products at Five9, moderated by CEO of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy.

WHY: Hear from visionaries about the future of customer journey

WHO: Salesforce, Altocloud, Five9 & Aragon Research

WHAT: Live webcast

WHERE: Facebook Live

WHEN: June 22, 4:30-5:30pm PST

Register for the live webcast here. We hope you can join us!


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