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Red Nose Day Campaign – Five9 Customer NexRep Supporting Team Red

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round and whatever you do, do not forget those red noses you’ve picked up at your local Walgreens. This Thursday May 24th the Red Nose Day campaign returns to NBC this week for a primetime special!

Red Nose Day is the national fundraiser to end child poverty and has raised over $100 million, impacting more than 8.3 million children in America and around the world. Red Nose Day funds have also helped to deliver:


  • Essential medical services for more than 6.7 million children

  • Educational support for more than 850,000 children

  • Care for more than 60,000 homeless children and young people


This year, all major partners have renewed including Walgreens, NBC, M&M’s and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation committing their support to end child poverty.

The event requires a huge team behind the scenes. One of those team members is Five9 customer NexRep, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company operating the contact center for this special night. Teddy Liaw, CEO of NexRep, is all hands on deck with 500 agents on the Five9 platform taking donations via phone for Red Nose Day. Having 500 agents available on this night requires the NexRep team to be everywhere, remote, at home, or on site. Operating on a platform that allows agents to be physically located anywhere with an internet connection, while having the visibility into the contact center, is the only way to make sure an important event like this be successful.

Interested in tuning in? Watch the Red Nose Day campaign on NBC on May 24 at 8/7 central. Unable to view the campaign on NBC, but still want to donate? Please visit to make a contribution!

Want more ways to get involved?

  • Buy a red nose at Walgreens

  • Join or organize a fundraiser

  • Spread the Red! Post your photos on social media using the hashtag #RedNoseDay

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