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Salesforce CRM and Customer Journey Mapping

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CRM platforms like Salesforce have evolved into one-stop shops for business innovation and administrative automation. They work as operational centers for business, house company and customer files and apply analytic engines to decipher costs, value and performance.

Salesforce provides platforms for virtually all departments of the enterprise. Its marketing, service and sales cloud platforms share a repository of customer data and can leverage that data jointly to decrypt the customer experience.

Independently, companies can pull metrics from their CRM, ecommerce and contact center applications to create customer journey maps.

However, many cloud CRM solutions today, like Salesforce, offer collaborative platforms that enable contact center and ecommerce APIs to work cross functionally. As a multitenant and open API PaaS (Platform as a Service), Salesforce harbors a full ecosystem of applications that help fuel and interpret data. Contact center and ecommerce applications, applied to the platform, help automate the inbound and outbound collection of customer data. This data can then be interpreted via a number of applications to show customer paths, operational efficiency metrics and prescriptive action.

Check out our example of a customer journey map and learn how to build your own with our most recent e-book: Five9 Explains the Customer Journey Map.

Customer journey maps are a popular way to determine how customers interact with your brand. For the purpose of this e-book, Five9 explores how you can effectively build a customer journey map with a combination of contact center and CRM technology. The document outlines examples of customer journey maps and key components. It also looks at best ways to apply customer journey maps to uncover systemic issues and develop better company practices.

Click here to watch Five9, Salesforce, Altocloud and Aragon Research for a thought provoking session: Summer Briefing Series: Winning with Customer Journeys. Learn how Customer Journey Maps are being used to attract, nurture and ultimately win new clients and how the leading developers of customer journey experiences are driving innovation.


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