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Ben Noble

The Connected Spine And the Internet of Doctors

IoT, to date, has largely focused on object-to-object communications. We can link our phone to our house lights, television or security system. We can receive push notifications from our oven and have Amazon Alexa place a dinner order in our stead.

Could Congress Force Call Centers to Stay in The US?

Last month, Congress reintroduced a bill that could deter certain companies from sending call center jobs over seas. The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2017 would make certain offshoring call center companies ineligible for grants or guaranteed loans from the government.

Cross-Country Banking and Financial Frustration

One thing I wasn’t willing to give up was my bank, a local credit union that had provided me years of great customer service and benefits.

How to Convince Your Company They Need Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a topic of conversation for futurist, analyst and forward thinking companies.

Key Customer Stats for Financial Service Companies

Five9 recently conducted a study to reveal what customers want most from their financial institutions, with three major themes.

Salesforce CRM and Customer Journey Mapping

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Join us for a thought provoking session: Summer Briefing Series: Winning with Customer Journeys.

Autonomy at Oracle OpenWorld – Part 1 Databases

Oracle OpenWorld captured the spirit of autonomy on both the expo floor and in keynote presentations.

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