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How to Convince Your Company They Need Digital Transformation

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The following excerpt is from Five9’s e-book, The Answers to Your Digital Transformation Questions.


Digital transformation has become a topic of conversation for futurist, analyst and forward thinking companies. Each year, it becomes more clear that businesses need modern tools to keep pace with emerging competition. However, large legacy companies are often faced with copious amounts of red tape and bureaucracy. So, how do you enact change when you are surrounded by miserly officeholders?


Research by Organic reveals that 62% of staff feel the biggest barrier to digital transformation is not having a leadership mandate. It’s imperative to get full executive buy-in when trying to enact digital transformation. To do this, you must outline a plan that clearly shows value across departments. Digital transformation affects more than just one department. It’s an enterprise shift to modern thinking. For success you’ll need to address how digital transformation will affect each department, and prepare a defense against the miserly. 

I. List out inefficiencies with your system 

This first step requires quite a bit of effort and collaboration. Often, we are too close to our own departments to clearly identify all the flaws in our systems. You may need to chronical issues, complaints, etc. over the course of several months to truly grasp where issues lie. 

Administrative tasks are often the most cumbersome and reflect outdated processes. Look at tasks that are monotonous and repetitive. What could be automated but isn’t? How much time does your company waste on tasks that are non-strategic? 

II. Explain value vs. lost opportunity

Not everyone speaks the digital language, so speak in terms everyone understands – money. Convert inefficiencies into a dollar amount. Chart losses and estimate costs over significant periods of time. Compare these losses against potential gains and calculate an overall value to solidify your efforts. 

III. Outline a transition strategy 

The timeline for transformation may take a roadmap that spans several years, but the cost of stagnation far outweighs the costs of a few minor disruptions. Make a plan to move systems in phases. Create a transition plan that clearly defines the goal of digital transformation. Maintain accountability through close management and be sure to encourage adoption starting with key business leaders. Work closely with your technology vendors to identify what is needed and potential timelines. 

Interested learning more? Check out the Five9 e-book, “The Answers to Your Digital Transformation Questions.” In our book we revisit digital transformation as a construct of emerging cloud customer relationship management platforms (CRM), cloud contact center and other Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies; cloud infrastructure; advanced analytics engines and artificial intelligence.

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