New kid on the blog Mark Plant from the EMEA Five9 Partner Marketing team talks about the inaugural Five9 EMEA summit alongside an old favorite song:
80s Song Evokes a ‘New CX Wave

How a Beloved ‘80s Song Evokes a ‘New CX Wave’

I’m excited to start my new role at Five9 and wanted to introduce myself —but I didn’t know how. I have joined the company to work as part of a cross-functional global team that ensures success for Five9 partners in EMEA. Our mission is to make sure Five9 and our Partners succeed TOGETHER.

I cracked open a Czech lager and hit the Sonos for inspiration, and Blondie’s iconic “Call Me” song struck an instant chord. I hope you’re ready to “colour me your car.”

 “Call Me” was written as title-track for a 1980 movie (with a NSFW plot that we don’t need to talk about) by pop-song-writing-genius Giorgio Moroder. Most of the song was down, and apparently, he had Stevie Nicks in mind to sing it. Giorgio didn’t want much to do with a rowdy, argumentative “punk” band headed up by Debbie Harry. But by a quirk of contractual fate, that’s exactly who he ended up with. Debbie completed the melodies and the lyrics in a matter of hours after she watched the movie by private screening.

But why do I mention this? Blondie are often referred to as ‘new wave’. King of Pop (Giorgio Moroder) meets Queen of Punk (Debbie Harry) was an unexpected combo that created something exciting, something new. They created something successful and lasting that changed the world, making Debbie Harry the only woman to have written three UK number one hit singles. Similarly, Five9 is part of the ‘new wave’ of customer service, helping our EMEA partners and their customers reimagine CX with omni-channel digital engagement in the contact center — think Intelligent Virtual Agents, social media, SMS, and messaging apps.

What else makes the song stand out to me as I look forward to my new role?

  1. The song title itself: Being in the contact center business means you should be able to call me any time, any place, any way – whether on social media, using self-service, or on the traditional but much-loved telephone. Just don’t leave me ‘hanging on the Telephone’!
  2. The song captures how imperative superb customer service is for success. Superb customer service transcends culture, language and, like great music, has the power to connect people in lasting, meaningful ways.
  3. Language and culture are critical elements of customer contact that need care and attention. I can only recognize that the lyrics ‘Oooh, amore, chiamami, chiamami’ are Italian, but my conversational French is good enough to understand the meaning of ‘appelle-moi mon cheri, appelle-moi’ straight away. Speaking to customers (and business partners) in their own language has always been and will always be important for success.

So, feel free to “Call Me” on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook to talk more about music, Five9 or EMEA-based business partners - let’s catch up at the upcoming Five9 CX Summit.

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