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Are You Speaking the Language of Your Customer?

The way customers communicate with peers, friends, or a business has evolved and the expectations of how businesses should be available and interact with the customer have evolved as well. Is your business speaking in the same language as your customers?


We are in the era of mobile devices and smartphones with capabilities that are more powerful than desktop PCs have ever been, providing multiple communication channels. To me, it is just unthinkable.


No matter if we are talking about Generation X, Y, Z, Baby Boomers or Millennials, the omnichannel world is finding its place in everyday life. Consumers are “always on” and eager to interact with friends and businesses on their terms, to make it fast and simple for them.


But you’re probably wondering how to adopt these new interaction skills to the business world?


Companies need to meet customers on their channel of choice, in their “language”, to keep them loyal and drive business - no matter if this is the traditional phone channel, email, chat, web, or social media. It is almost a requirement for success to be available on the customer terms now.


If it comes to customer service and interactions between a customer and the contact center, this means that contact center needs to be available through the customer’s channel choice and should be responsive on this dedicated channel. And not just this, customers need to be able to talk or interact with an agent, who has the right skills to support the customer.


Knowing the customer, building relationship, speaking the customer’s language and being his arm into a company makes a big difference.


Delivering on the customer journey and an amazing customer experience that drives customer loyalty is not a one-day job. It is a journey throughout the whole lifecycle of a customer-business relationship.


Adopt your customer’s language to make the difference!


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