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Cloud Contact Center Growth & Trends in EMEA w/ Sabine Winterkamp

Is your business still avoiding the switch to the cloud? There are a few things you should know if you’re on the fence.

The speed at which business can be done with the help of the cloud is remarkable.

When you’re using a cloud contact center platform:

  • Sales cycles are cut in half.

  • Customers are more satisfied.

  • Employees are more fulfilled.

  • Your business has the flexibility to pivot.

  • More opportunities are leveraged.

It’s no wonder cloud contact center growth has rocketed. In the latest episode of That’s Genius! Sabine Winterkamp updates listeners on the growth and trends we’re seeing in the cloud contact center space.

One reason cloud contact center growth has increased so dramatically is because of how intuitive global partnerships have become.

That’s what Five9 has seen, at least.

By prioritizing our alliances and encouraging active partnerships, we’ve seen growth across the globe.

What kind of growth will your business see with a cloud-based contact center? To hear our full conversation, click here.

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