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[PODCAST] 3 Proven Ways to Master the Customer Journey w/ Kerry Bodine

There’s been a resurgence in the focus on CX in recent years. A lot of businesses contribute it to millennials. But, in reality, good CX transcends generations. Turns out, everybody wants a better customer journey.

This explains the rise of the role of the customer journey manager. And it’s not just a B2C phenomenon. The new standard in customer experience has overtaken B2B (maybe even more than B2C).

In the latest episode of That’s Genius! I speak with Kerry Bodine.

Kerry is a co-author of Outside In and also the CEO of Bodine & Co.

Her reasoning for the resurgence of CX:

  1. The Net Promoter Score waking execs up to the power of referrals.

  2. Social media making it super easy for anyone to have a public platform to promote or rag on a brand.

  3. The iPhone setting the standard for frictionless customer journeys.

What do you think the biggest player in the customer journey is?

To hear our entire conversation, click here.

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