Establishing Great CX Through Strategic Partnerships w/ Andre Schoeman

[PODCAST] Establishing Great CX Through Strategic Partnerships w/ Andre Schoeman

It’s a little creepy when I consider how much information different companies have on me. But, when an agent from one of those companies uses the provided info to craft a unique experience for me… I have to admit it’s kind of nice. Especially when I’m on the phone with an agent.

First of all, I’m probably on hold for a bit. Maybe I go through an automated system. Then, when I finally get to speak with a person, and they have a holistic view of me as a customer, my problems get solved quickly and painlessly.  I leave the conversation feeling good and so does the agent.

That’s why it’s so important for businesses to form strategic partnerships with other companies that can help them achieve that holistic customer experience. 

Don’t just take my word for it. Andre Schoeman from Jasco shares how strategic partnerships have supplemented their CX strategy on That’s Genius!

Their customers aren’t being transferred from rep to rep, having to retell their story each time. Jasco’s agents have a full view of each customer as it pertains to their company. And what’s better than a happy customer and a happy agent?

Hear our entire conversation on That’s Genius here.

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