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[PODCAST] The Pandemic's Impact on the Marketplace in Mexico w/ Gilberto Godine‪‪z‬

Mexico went home during the pandemic like everyone else and the new normal has extended to markets south of the border. 

What's it like to sell technology in Mexico mid-COVID?

On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, we talked with Gilberto Godinez, CEO & founder of GRUPO ITS (PCSNets Mexico).

It's true that Mexico does not have the widespread technology that other developed countries have and that more than 90% of Mexican companies are small. But in the last few years, internet bandwidth has grown more and more accessible to all customers. Most of them have found the move to cloud easier.

If you need bandwidth, you can have it for a very good price with lots of options for vendors that can offer you reliable connectivity to the cloud. 

No excuses.

That's very important because customers in Mexico have only recently had that option available and affordable, and now more companies are moving their contact center to the cloud because now they can rely on the connectivity. 

Listen to the full conversation with Gilberto here.


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